Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Halt!!! Who goes there?????

Scrutinizing the links which show thru the feedjit counter and spamming in other bloggers' comment boxes has become a recent and very important part of my daily routine…..yeah well since I’m not posting all that much I have to channelise all that pent-up energy somewhere, right.

Between today and last Tuesday I got some 400+ hits[553 including me] on my last post but just around 50 beautiful, lovely, wonderful, super bloggers have very kindly commented on it.

Dear persons who read the posts here but don’t comment, don’t you feel bad like as if you’ve accepted candy from a sweet little cherubic child & gone away without saying a word or a smile???? Just think for a moment how bewildered, how shattered, how heart-broken that adorable angelic little girl must have felt.

Yeah yeah I know I’m going overboard taking the sentimental route but the whole idea is to make you feel terrible……..the question here is, how lousy are you feeling about it?????

After reading just 3 or 4 posts on this page one doesn’t need Einstein’s brain to arrive at the conclusion that I have an IQ of an Iguana or maybe even lower than that.
Come on, I don’t talk about nuclear missiles or the Ringamore wastelands** here…..though I did talk about Rocket-science in 1 post……but that was just once……and I was actually displaying my ignorance on the subject, really. I write about everyday things or incidents which I’m sure most of you identify with. And I’m quite sure you would not keep coming back to a page to which you couldn’t relate at all.

How hard is it to pen a harmless one liner letting me know you were here…..u know it would make me feel so good.

Many of u are not aware of it but I blog under great pressure. I have a better-half who thinks I could have lost atleast 15kgs of weight in all this time I've spent blogging, a maid who threatens to quit coz she’s allergic to the sight of me tapping away at the laptop, children who pull me from both sides as soon as they see me login into blogger, parents who have no clue what blogging is all about, a sister who about once in 6 months casually asks me whether I’m still blogging and unsuspecting neighbours from whom I hide my blog since I write about them from time to time.
So you see, my only relief is the comments I get from u……I lap them all up and begin to believe in my own worth. You & I know it’s another world out here…..very few non-bloggers understand the ‘nasha’* of receiving comments from beautiful people across the big wide world.

I do understand the difficulty you face to write that first comment. I know for a fact that commentophobia is a natural tendency among both new & seasoned bloggers…….I too used to hesitate so much in the initial days and sometimes even now.

But you must, atleast just this once, delurk & let me know u've been here:-))

So to make it easy for you I have, after much deliberation, put together 3 simple phrases to help you get over the initial hesitation ….

Sample 1: Thank U Nancy for making it so easy for me to de-lurk.

Sample 2: Me thinks your posts are full of &%$%#@&.

Sample 3: I have better things to do in life than comment here.

Now all you have to do is just copy-paste one of the above into the comment box and click submit. Has anybody else made it easier than this?????

Ofcourse anonymous & troll comments for the 2nd point will be closely monitored. And if you feel all of the above is inadequate you are welcome to write about how wonderful a person blogger you think I am. But I just didn’t want to appear too eager or rush you in these initial stages. So we’ll take it step by step, what say?????

Now after all this, if you are going to pretend that everything I’ve said above went over your head, I’ll make it short and snappy….

Just delurk dammit!!!!!!!!

* Nasha = addiction

**Ringamore wastelands = they dont exist, I made it up

p.s: Pssssttttt I’ll be putting up the awards sooooon [[‘wink, wink’]].


  1. uthe sabke kadam...
    tara rum pum pum...

    kabhi aise geet gaya karo...
    kabhi khushi kabhi...

    tara rumpum pum...

    first aao.. aur gaaya karo... !!!!!! :D :D :D

  2. and he's flying o Bangalore too

  3. Present maam.
    My comment:
    She's smart, she's witty, she isssss Nancy
    Hee hee hee

  4. You get 400+ visitors? how do I transport them to my blog from here :evil:

  5. Humne kiya he aur karte rahenge ;)

  6. Only u cud hv come up with this idea smart lady ;)

  7. Hitchwriter: U've copy-pasted the wrong stuff;-(

    Meira: But whts the use, only 50 comments to show for it;-P

    Swaram: Oh every blogger writes atleast 1 post abt lurkers....I was just following norms;-D

  8. OYE !!!!!!!

    WATCH WHAT YOU SAY... !!!!!

  9. OYE !!!!!!!

    WATCH WHAT YOU SAY... !!!!!

  10. lmao.. poor lurkers, i see them shaking behind the curtain! they better come out of the hiding now
    lol @ringamore whatever! wherever does ur vocab come from eh? :D

  11. What do you mean I have copy pasted ??????

    I typed that song... !!!!!!!

    Its a cult we have started... and no fingers pointed in that direction will be tolerated ok... !!!!!!

  12. and you just shift to Wordpress and you see how many more comments you start getting...

    just ask swaram...

    she took my advice...

  13. this is hilarious Nancy. absolutely totally and wonderfully..
    and this your dear readers dont delurk on this one consider them dormant and dead. One might think that maybe only the mouse and screen works on their comp/laptop.. but with you having given option to copy n paste one of the comments, if they dont do this, DAMMMMN.. they are just too much then :P

    you sound like such a sweet person.. you know last time I was walking across some residential streets of Deira, near the creek and I was remembering you at the sight of any lady that I thought could be you.. I even thought of calling our ur name when I saw a lady with two pretty lil girls :P

  14. now whats taking you ages to reply ?? huh ???

    whats your age ??? 50 ??? huh ??

  15. I guess its time to say..


  16. Great post once again Nancy. I HAD to post something after reading this post of yours. ;)
    Not a culprit anymore. :)

  17. No,no,Nancy, It's not me
    *puppy eyes*, but I did trespass once a while :D

  18. and that was a lovely way of saying de-lurk!

  19. Hitchwriter: Ooops looks like I've wounded the superstar deeply with wrong accusations;-o
    1 thing I know for sure is shifting to wp is NOT the answer.....half the time u people dont even discuss the post;-D

    Ish: oh dont say things like tht and send them away...I'm trying to get them in front of tht curtain;-D

    Tara: Aaah ur comment warms the cockles of my heart;-D.
    Nope Tara it cd never be me...I dont think I've walked even once anywhere near the creek...oooh yes just once or twice near the cornice near Hyatt;-D

    Divya: Oh u dont fall in tht category since u've already delurked 2-3 times;-D.
    And thank U:-))!!!!!!

    Athivas: LOL...I tracked u down, remember;-D
    Oooohhh thank U....but have to wait & see...u see not even one person has delurked till now;-(

  20. I love reading AND commenting on your blog.

    ;) like that?

    i have some of those non-commentors too. am always curious to know more about them.

    am back and have to catch up on your posts!

  21. LOL, Nancy! That was hilarious!

    :) So do post on how many people de-lurked after this post :) I guess all of us should do this once in a while :) But I have nowhere as many readers as you to be asking them to de-lurk :)

  22. Nancy, just tell me, do I come in that top 1%, of the triangle pic you have put up ?????

    Honestly, I am amazed that you've sat and found out how many visits you've had and how many made comments - WOW - Commentophobia is too much to handle na ????

    But I love the way, you've written, literally threatening ppl to comment.

    But I am surprised at those ppl, who cant leave a comment after reading your hilarious postings. At least they could put a smiley !!!

  23. u have 25 comments already and you are complaining about ppl not commenting. I get hardly five fr each post:(
    But just to pep you up a bit..u are a cool blogger and i love reading ur posts..pardon me if i havent been regular. I am still internet deprived and i have to wait till Ro gets back in the evening to use his mob to connect for uninterrupted usage.

  24. jaane woh kaise...
    log hai jo...

    comment karne se itraate hai...

    Hum to bus comment ki
    hi bauchar karte rehte hai...


    Geee M I spamming your blog ??

  25. that was funny...and quite nancyish :D (you are not the only one to make up words ;p)

    and marking my presence! :)

  26. hmmm u wasted U'r one is gonna follow that.....just kidding :)
    lost atleast 15kgs see see ,he is concerned about U so much.So find some time for that also :)
    hmmm maid...these are there days.I have got one at my home,she will by watching TV,and my sister will be strugling in the kitchen before going 2 office and also after coming from the office, late.
    children who pull me ,same here(nephews) ,when ever i get calls from my friends to go out on weekends :)
    between love the '3 simple phrases'....hmmm that was a innovative idea :)
    between that was a kidilan post...really enjoyed reading it :)

  27. I was unhappily working, when I got worried. So I came back to I part of the 1% or the 9% ???
    *biting nails in anticipation*
    oh dear oh dear should I have spammed more often . oh dear oh dear

  28. ".. unsuspecting neighbours from whom I hide my blog since I write about them from time to time. " :-)))

    Nancy , your posts are full of @&$%^@$ .. Sorry, couldn't resist! ;)

    But even I'm gonna return everyday to check on how many lurkers de-lurk & of course try and bribe them to de-lurk from mine as well .. with a similar post ! :)

  29. limenlemons: Good to see u back;-D!!!

    Smitha: Only Ash delurked till now & tht too coz I tracked him down;-(

    umsreflections: "do I come in that top 1%, of the triangle pic you have put up ?????"
    Umaji, yeh bhi koi poochne ki baat hai;-o?????
    And a smiley is such a good idea...too bad I didnt think of it earlier;-(

    An Open book: For every person who comments there are 10 who dont. While I'm not expecting everybody to comment on every post of mine I just want to know they are around;-P

    Hitchwriter: That I agree u've always been very generous with ur comments...
    Thank U:-)).

    Suma: Hehe....the regulars for once have been exempted here tho ofcourse they can help strengthen the voice of this complaint;-D

    Ash: Not fair...I had to track u down to get u to comment;-P

    anishthomas: LOL at ur sister's be fair my maid is really too good & I'm scared she'll leave me so I try to make a good impression;-P
    And enjoy the attn ur nephews give u while it lasts...for soon they'll get to the stage where they'll think they are the Hep guys & will not give u any bhav;-D

    Meira: Hai rabba.....yeh bhi koi poochne ki baat hai;-o????? Aap tho hamari sabse pyaaari blogger behna hai.

    p.s: ummm...havent overdone have I;-D????

  30. Y subse pyari :( Me so regular no Nancy :( Hv read up ur old posts too! Phir :(

    Jab dil hi toot gaya ;)

  31. Trust you to come up with something like this!
    Guilty of being a lurker earlier, but then started commenting. I knew you would come up with these threats sooner or later :-)

  32. LOL at Meira! "*biting nails in anticipation*"!! Unparallel, Meira!!

  33. Rohitha: The blogger book of law states tht "Every blogger will at some point be compelled to write a delurk post". So there u are....a signal to go ahead.
    Btw...there is a blogger[US if I'm not mistaken] who comes over to my blog from urs quite regularly...tell her to be warned coz I'm getting quite good at tracking people now;-D?????

    Swaram: Arrey baba aap kaisi baat karti hai...aap tho hamari sabse pyaari blogger dost tahari;-D

  34. First on Monika's and now urs..the same comment demand...But Nancy you are so popular..badhai ho..500 hits in 5 days...but you really write well:)

  35. Wanderlust: I tried saying it real nice with commentophobia but now its time to play tough. But u knw wht, just 1 person has delurked till now;-(
    Maybe I never said it before but thanks for delurking looong back Wanderlust;-D.

    Athivas: Dont laugh at my my pyaaari behna...she's the best;-)!!!

    Antarman: Hehe it is every blogger's right to put up a delurk post atleast once a year;-D.
    And thankU, thankU for the compliment:-))!!!

  36. :( And me? :( A little lesser pyaari??

  37. You bully me,Nancy? :( I read your archives in your absence, and commented on them?

  38. Aww I feel a bit better nw ;)

    Me too Savi :D I did that too :)

    Okie, I wil say Sabse Pyaari Savi :)

  39. this was hilarious nancy....i think once in a while everyone shd do this kinda post to awaken the mystery readers :-)

    BTW why dont u move to wordpress..its more easy for WP user to comment on wp rather that blogspot...

  40. Yay I was here, I was here ;-) ROFL cool post!!!

  41. Athivas: Hey bhagwan...ab mein kaise vishwaas dilaavu....aap tho sabse dulaari....hamari Savi Pari ho;-D

    Swaram: Dont read the above comment!!!!

    Rashmi: Good to see u:-D!!!
    "its more easy for WP user to comment on wp rather that blogspot..."
    Hehe I'm still here to test all of ur loyalty towards blogger. Dont forget almost all of u went from blogspot to wp;-D

    Snow: LOL...I see U, I see u;-D. And thank U:-))!!!

  42. Holy cow! 400+ hits! That is awesome. Can u believe this? This was going to be my next post. I mean see all these people from wierd locations dropping in and I am like - what the heck? Can these guys not just drop a one liner?

    1. Can I copy paste this post into my blog page??

    2. What do u mean by "spamming in other bloggers' comment boxes"??

    3. Maybe u shud put up some awards for " debut commentator" or some such thing!!! :D

    4. And maybe you should give me an award for brilliant ideas. :D

  43. Ok. I'm finally de-lurking :-).
    I love your posts .. so pleaseeeee don't make me wait for days to read another one.

  44. Now, the question is Should i comment or not..
    Reading this post, I dont feel like commenting.... :P

    Oops I already did huh?!!


    Nancy dear, relax re...let them comment if they want. I knw how annoying it is, but peeps will remain as peeps :P

    We all are there to spam ur comment section!! :D

  45. Butterfly: By spamming I mean that I have been guilty of making comments totally unrelated to the post which is written;-P
    Hehe the debut commentator award shd by rights go to u since u were one of the first to comment on this blog;-D

    Preethi: Really happy to see u here....esp since u r first commentor who delurked on her own;-D

    Elegant Chic: LOL so it happened accidently huh;-D
    "peeps will remain as peeps"
    I disagree here.....drawing from my own experience I understand how difficult it is for some of us to come out & say what we think on a public forum...yes it gets easier once we start off but it was difficult to make those 1st few comments.

    Doli: Delurking once again huh. Good to see u;-D!!!!

  46. Nancy: See your post made me jump to the comment window. So it did serve its purpose. 400 hits !! Awesome !!

  47. lol...nice :D...i always comment whenever i read your posts..and so this one too :D

  48. 400 hits? Wow... You gotta monetise this blog now.

    Btw, I was here :-) Be happy now!

  49. Nancy, I don't have feedjit but I can also track a lot of lurkers through my stat counter but so many just visit and never comment. There are people who are regulars and spend going through every single comment on mine but still don't comment.

    I think it is okay. Many don't feel the urge.

    Many are also not first time visitors but returning ones who comes to read comments so we can't count that.

    Still imagine replying to 300-400 people. Ha..ha..ha.. now do you want all of them to de-lurk?

  50. Nancy: Here I am. And, Thank U Nancy for making it so easy for me to de-lurk. :)

  51. LOL..
    Oh Nancy!! You said so well what I so truly feel many a time!! :)

    Coomment you lurkers! What is this? free entertainment or what?(shouting on behalf of nancy) :)


  52. LOLLLLLLLL classic post!!!!

    here the line comes:
    "Thank U Nancy for making it so easy for me to de-lurk"

    not that i am a lurker...... but somehow IE does not like your blog........ i have problems opening your blog........

  53. waah...ur post def worked since there r like 57 comments on this! :P u to come up with a post that brightens my morning! :)

  54. wow already 58 comments and 59 with this one I'm writing!!! as I've said- I think you get the prize for having the MOST comments!!!

    Having said that...I want to make it clear that ...I LOVE YOUR BLOG!! :)

  55. i did i did.. don shoot me!

    i always leave a comment wen i read ur post.. prmise :)

    and yea cant agree more.. comments are the biggest motivation in bloggin.. afetr not-bloggin for a while m missin on them now wen i write.. :( hint hint! chek my blog :D

  56. Dil se: Hehe 400 hits becomes more awesomer when it shows in the comments section;-D.
    And u wont believe it but till now just 1 person delurked completely on her own;-/

    Titaxy: Awww thts really so sweet of u;-))!!!

    Rakesh: Oh I'm so overwhelmed, ur Majesty;-o!!!!!

    Solilo: Ofcourse I want all of them to delurk.....tho I never meant that everybody must comment on every single post. But just an occasional comment will not cost them anything, right?? And in the process I'd get to read what they have to say....know more about people who like to read what I write:-))

    Lakshmi: U too dont count as a delurker...coz I came to ur blog first & sooner or later u wd have commented at mine too;-D.
    Out of the 50 comments I just have 1 true delurker;-/.

    Preethi Shenoy: All thru the time I was writing this post I was actually thinking abt u & Shobha De.....more than double, triple amt of people come to ur blog, read & just walk away....such a pity esp since u guys write things soooo worth reading too;-))

    OG: Good thing u explained abt ur IE problem...I was kinda wondering whether u were holding it against me for not joining the wp wagon;-D

    Sunshine: Dont get taken taken in by the number of comments, I have had just 1 authentic delurker marking her presence till now;-(

    Anjuli: Hehe if u think this blog gets most comments then I'll show u another special blog which deserves every comment it gets....
    ....guessing the kind of person u r, I assure u will really enjoy reading her:-))

    Former Sansmerci: need for hints, I'm coming over right now;-D

  57. ha ha ha ROFL....Blogger roll call!
    Here is my attendance. 'Present mam' :)

  58. Hi Nancy,

    Delurking is a new concept to me. I read almost every single post of yours and i have never felt like a "peep" as i saw someone mention while going through the comments. Isnt blog a very public place where u r free to go and read what you like. I dont see any reason why such terms shud be used for people who do not comment.
    I must acknowledge that i am a big fan of ur blog and follow it quite regularly. It is just like a story book which i enjoi.
    Wonder why this is different from reading a book where the author may or may not know what each of his/her readers think. Though i do agree that it is good to have comments because of the positive vibes they create!

  59. You get 63 odd comments and you are complaining!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  60. I made it 64 btw and now 65! :X

  61. *thud*...thats me landed on your page :D
    now let me scroll up and read the post

  62. I've already marked my presence in my previous comment!Sorry for coming here late though!
    God I shudder to think what would have been the case if I had just left without dropping a scare me,lady!

    LOLLLLLLL...its so good to read you again,Nance.
    Nancy,You are one of the bloggers I look forward to reading and who inspires me with her adeptness at playing with words!
    Keep it going :)

  63. Nancy, you have already received 67responses at the time of my typing this comment. U need more ?? You sure will lose your maid if you get any more comments 'cause u will have to read that much more, so in a way i am taking care of your health by not commenting every time :-))

    Interesting post as ever.

  64. Jira: Good to see U back;-D!!!

    Destination Nowhere: Yes when we make that decision to pour our thoughts out for others to read, we shd also be prepared to deal with the reactions which come along with it.
    I'm honoured by ur kind words which so matter of factly made me feel so good. Thank U for delurking:-))!!!!

    Amrita: U misunderstand me...I'm not complaining abt the number of comments I get.
    Its just tht....If u like coming to my blog again & again to read what I have to say, chances are tht I too wd love to read what u write. Just let me know u r around...thts all I ask:-)).

    Deeps: That whole bhashan was for the lurkers.....regulars can come & go as they please....though an odd comment or two would never go amiss;-D

    Balvinder Singh: Why is tht everybody is mistaking my post for a plea for more comments. No, never Sirji....I'm just asking the lurkers to let me know they are around...since they enjoy my style of writing I too wd like to chk out their page.
    Besides, u must be aware that it is within a blogger's basic right to put up atleast 1 delurk post in his/her lifetime;-D
    And thank U for the compliment:-))!!!

  65. Its the 3rd time I'm visitng ur site, since day before yestetday............u r super duper cooooooooool blogger, and u r smart enough to make anyone comment.....*winks*

  66. Seeba U r welcome here...I was just beginning to think my delurk post was of not much use coz so far only 2 people have come forward on their own & there u comment;-D

  67. LOL LOl!!! this should be made the default post for everyone to use when they want ppl to delurk!!! High on the emosanal and comedy quotient :)


    Thank U Nancy for making it so easy for me to de-lurk. :P :P

  68. Check my blog, there is something for you there :-)

  69. it is a pain not to receive 'enough' comments!!

  70. OMG....... holding it against you for not joining WP...... :P


    you know, I could never think of complicated things like that :P

    but yes, now I have downloaded firefox :P

  71. This is a stereotype sentence falling from a bimbotic head who cant think of anything else and I avoid using this but still am doing this because I mean it..
    'How cute!!'
    I could really imagine a little disappointed gurl sitting sulking there..
    Sorry, was busy hence could not comment..
    love your blog, keep writing ..

  72. I was waiting to make the 100th. But here it is...My 2 cents worth 2 help u get to 100:-)

  73. Whoa.. that was a way to tell people to shoo or to stick ! hehehe.. Liked it !

  74. Woo hoo Nancy..

    De-Lurked.. Nan for such sweet threatening...

    love ur writing gal :-)

  75. It's working Nancy..It's working....i can see 80 comments :)

    trust you to come up with a post like this...and it is these interesting random that makes reading your blog so nice...I don't want to know about nuclear whatever....I'll pick up a newspaper for that :)

    So many many lurkers have de-lurked till now?

  76. nice one.. :-) as always, ofcourse :D

  77. :-D Good one Nan! The joy of seeing "You have 100 comments for "so and so post" " ..

  78. Prashanti: Hehe u think so??? If u ask me, I'd say ur post on delurk had more effect...u had more than 10 people delurking whereas I just have some 6-7 people delurking till now;-(.

    Wanderlust: I'm honoured, thank U so much for the awards:-))!!!!

    Roshini: is not a crime to want to know the kind of people who come regularly to read what we write, is it;-D!!!

    OG: Thank goodness u explained....I was sooooo worried u knw;-D

    Swathy: Hey no complaints...just let me know occasionally that u r around;-D

    Lan: Goodness now even u've joined the bandwagon;-o

    Nu: Have u been reading regularly or have u come here for the 1st time???? Thank U for responding to the post:-)).

    Cool_Moon: Hehe maybe u dont remember but I clearly remember a comment from u around 2-3 months back;-D. So in the strictest sense u r delurking once more heh. Thank U:-))

    Sukku: Thank U:-))!!!!!

    A: I don't want to know about nuclear whatever....I'll pick up a newspaper for that :)
    I loved the way u put it....I immediately felt so much better;-D.
    And thank U A for the compliment:-))!!!!!

    SandhyaS: " always" esp warms the heart. Thank U:-))!!!!!

    Hehe many of u missed my point....I'm not asking to be flooded with comments everytime I write a post. I am curious abt the number of people who came in REGULARLY, read what I had to say & went away without a word. I understood their dilemma to a certain extent...very often the 1st comment is the most difficult to make. So I gave them an oppurtunity to reveal themselves only if they were interested. I realise that people who have no intentions of revealing themselves will not do so even if I went down on my knees;-D.

  79. Alright. I have had enough Nancy!!

    I waited 2 entire weeks for you to grace my blogposts with your presence. But no. You are too busy with your lurkers .. !!!

    Henceforth, I shall LURK in Reflections - Candid confessions & Concrete Connections. Be warned!

    Current mood -- * A very indignant lostworld*

  80. hehe Nancy!!! de-lurking huh...
    well i do love ur posts and what u said abt commenst is so true and its motivating to get comments...
    I guess even i have not been able to comment on all ur posts due to my current situation :)
    But ya i do try....

  81. lostworld: Oh my goodness what have I unleashed here;-o.
    Just gimme a sec and I'll be there;-D!!!

    Enigma: Heeeheee I dont knw if its a good thing or a bad thing but for some reason all regulars also are feeling guilty & posting comments...I for one am enjoying it;-D

  82. Agree, a comment is like a pat on the gives you encouragement and fosters enthusiasm.Great post, as always!

  83. LOL Nancy. Thanks for the laugh :-)

  84. This comment has been removed by the author.

  85. Lol!
    Trust you to twist my arm! Aaah!It hurts missy! :D

    Mille mercis' for all the smiles, Ms. Nancy :)
    You're a sweetheart!

  86. :) ok ok shall comment all the time! but sometimes feel shouldnt do it for the heck of it! right? or wrong? let me know! ;)

  87. I hope you get a 100 comments Nancy!!!

    There! I'm no longer a lurker ;-)

  88. Nancy, I am a regular reader of ur blog and I have read all ur posts. So you finally made me guilty:-).

    Nice blog!!!!

  89. hahahaha...i so So sO SO SOOOOOO get the desperation 4 comments!

    n u just gave a brilliant example of writing a post without actually having much 2 say ;)

    i aint gonna say its funny coz its a given with ur posts...n "Ringamore wastelands" is a very very innovative name! :D

  90. Sara: Thank U:-))!!!!

    Agnes: :-D

    SBA: Thank U!!!!!

    Sparkling: Yeah yeah I know u r just back from France, Madamoiselle.
    Merci, boku boku;-D

    Onlooker: Ofcourse u r right....but an odd comment or two once in a while wont go amiss;-P

    Deeps: Duly noted:-D

    lostworld: Aha..back in ur good books am I;-D!!!

    Lee: I'm so glad u decided to delurk:-))!!!

    Blunt edges: Desperation for comments....huh...not me....speak for urself;-D

  91. Karm kiye ja, phal ki chinta mat kar. Folks will pass by and not say hello.

    Drop in at my place

  92. aaaaaand its a centuryyyyy!! now come up a post,Nance!! You were waiting for thsi 100-mark, right???

  93. Just happened to pass by and VOILA u know quite well how to make a lazy person like me to tap d keyboard. Wonderful blog yaar!

  94. woo, a 100 comment and we are still counting!!:) nicceee! the blog totally rocks and looks like the lurkers have finally come out in the open
    anyway what i came to write here is that i dreamt of u with ur girls.. yea., imagine! haha :)
    just read tara's post of that a few days back infact

  95. Anon: Bahut oonche vichaar tho hai but easier said than done. Will definitely drop in:-).

    Deeps: Hehe no not really....we are getting the house painted, so everythings' a mess. Almost done now actually. Will try to put up something soon:-)).

    Jisha: Thank U, glad u decided to delurk:-))!!!!!

    Ish: Heee seriously;-D???? Guess wht, sometime last week I dreamt of ur watermelon with vodka....goodness knows why coz I dont drink even;-/.

    Shades of Grey: Thank U:-))!!!

  96. Mine was the first time to read your post...and see you got me commenting on it :)

  97. Sample 1 until I am at home and I have the good intention of logging in from home and reading carefully and commenting something relevant (as usual but I loathe logging in from home)...

  98. Just wondering Did you meet the target you had in mind!

    I will be in 7th heaven if I can reach even 5 on one post!

    Over 100 comments is super!

  99. Nothing shot of hillarious n wondering which one of the three shd I copy paste.........naaa

    cya will be coming back:))))

  100. Hey Nancy I commented here yesterday, didnt seem to have appeared????

    Now I am trying to think again what I said???

  101. Nancy U greedy greedy gal...U have 100+ comments on dis i-dont-get-comments post of urs!

    I dont think i have 100 on my entire blog!!

  102. Nu: Hmmm...thot so:-))!!!!

    Colours: U mean otherwise its sample 2;-o

    Vinoo John: Dont be distracted by the number of comments. More than 60 of them are made by the regulars who were tickled pink by the content of the post. Around 20 comments were my answers and the remaining by the u can imagine;-D

    PNA: Have u been here before or just happened to come here by chance today??? Either ways thank U for delurking :-D.

    Sadiya: Really!!! Nope didnt receive any:-(

    Datsme: Thats because u havent asked people to delurk...try it & even u'll be surprised;-D

  103. ha ha ha!!!!! loveddddddd it!!!! should try it out on my blog sometime too :):) Though I suspect I pbly dont get too many lurkers anyway!

  104. Oh I think every blog has its share of lurkers......try it & see, u cd just be surprised:-)).

  105. hi nancy, came to your blog recently and feel good to read the perspective of another UAE resident.

  106. Oh Sorry Nancy..

    My line:-

    Thank U Nancy for making it so easy for me to de-lurk !!

    Will make sure to post comments in your every post.

    Thanks for this post.

  107. Hi Nancy,
    i have been reading all your stuff from a while and enjoy reading everything written here..Comment or not but count me in for reading all the stuff u write...

  108. Elizabeth: Welcome to my blog:-))!!!!

    Never Ending Memories: My pleasure:-))!!!!

    Mystery: So glad u decided to delurk:-))!!!

  109. "Thank U Nancy for making it so easy for me to de-lurk."

    Phew! Delurking has never been easier. Can I copy-paste the same sentence on every post?


    Nice blog btw, first time here. :)

  110. Nope copy-paste is allowed only for this post. Next time u r on ur own:-D.
    Thank U for delurking:-))!!!!!!

  111. Hey,

    I have a question(out of topic). How do I become a follower of somebody who blogs on wordpress while I blog on blogspot?

    Lemme know. Thanks!


  112. lol. watta post! i too feel the same about de-lurkers. just a word or two is all it takes. pah! :D

    i got here from Nu's blog. you have one more frequent reader in me from now on. :)

  113. Nilu: I've already told u whatever I know;-D

    Sriram: I understand tht for some its really difficult to write their thoughts in the beginning....I knw tht coz I went thru it myself.
    But there r many who just read and cant be bothered to they get me really mad;-/
    Glad u like what I write Sriram:-))!!!

  114. awww! this was such a sweet post nance...

    n the bloggin atmosphere -

    "Many of u are not aware of it but I blog under great pressure... till the comments I get from u"

    seems lil pathetic :/ but he hee - dont wry - it seems tht u hav had vry gud response... :) guess the post wrked after all :D

    i ws feelin so bummed out n i thot readin ur blog wd do me good - n yes it has :)

  115. I'm glad my posts lift ur spirits:-)!!!


Thank U for visiting and taking the time to leave a comment:-))!!!