Monday, 4 August 2008

Quirky TAG

The culprit is Winnie again……

The Rules are as follows..

1. Link the person who tagged you.

2. Mention the rules on your blog.

3. Tell 6 unspectacular quirks of yours.

4. Tag 6 following bloggers by linking them.

5. Leave a comment on each of the tagged blogger's blogs, letting them know that they have been tagged.

The quirkier side to me is more obvious than the ‘normal’. So I didnt have to think too much before writing it down. Just to mention a few……
  1. I talk in my sleep………especially when I’m disturbed. I even sleepwalk occasionally though I have never gone out of the house. The most embarrassing incident was(12 yrs back) when my sister was sitting up in the night studying, I got up from sleep, walked into the next room where she was studying, called out “Look at me”, then sang some weird jhingalaka song & did a jig & went back to sleep. Even today, she makes fun of me whenever she remembers.

  2. I forget stuff….all the time. I’ve even blogged about it here.
  3. I hate to waste paper. I use both sides of it & only then give it away for recycling.
  4. I love to help people especially if they are lost(as in directions)……nope they don’t even have to ask me. I see them(whoever) looking confused, I stop & ask if they need help(my husband never ceases to be amazed(not a complimentary amazed) at this quirk of mine). Sometimes even the people looking for directions wonder at my interest coz suppose if I am not able to help them…....then I approach a 3rd person on their behalf & make sure they get the correct location map to their destination.
  5. I’m a typical case of straw that broke the camel’s back. BIG problems don’t seem to affect me…I’m patience personified all through. Then some silly thing upsets me & I break into a storm of tears.
  6. I have fought with every single ‘good’ friend of mine more than once & the strangest thing is ……they are all still friends with me.
I TAG.....

Bins, IHM, ISH, Renu, Wannabe and an unknown fellow blogger from Birmingham UK who keeps visiting my page but doesnt comment. Come on, intoduce yourself:-D and take up this TAG


  1. Oh no. I have been tagged. It sets me thinking and I hate thinking these days. But I am gonna do it.

  2. Ok I am doing this tag now...
    Talking in your sleep is funny.My sons fights and argues in his sleep:)
    Giving directions to people is so sweet, I am forever lost, and should meet you sometime,so you can make sure I reach my destination faster. I forget too, generally faces and facts in day to day life, but never anybody's sun signs, mars, ascendants, moon etc

  3. yay!!

    am glad u took it up!

    "I never sleepwalked! darn! *secretly* i always wanted to :(

  4. sleeptalking, sleepwalking, sleepsinging and sleepdancing!!! hee hee... you are cool! :D I'll try to do the tag...though I'm not sure I have any quirky (read interesting) habits! :((

  5. Bins: Come on, whts there so much to think. U & I are full of them....quirks, I mean:-D

    IHM: even my daughter talks & argues in her sleep.
    Waiting to read ur TAG:-)

    Winnie: Sleepwalking is not so exciting like how u think. Sometimes I wake up towards the end of it & feel terribly silly....
    ...the worst was when my MIL told me that I got up and kissed her cheeks the previous night(she used to sleep in the same room whenever my husband went out of town).
    I still shudder when I think about it.....thank God it was her cheeks:-O

    Wannabe: All of us have them quirks....just put all of them down first & then choose the 6 most interesting ones;-P

  6. I am such a boring ,serious person:),but i will think and find some quirky things about me and write:) and i know I would love to do it:) Thanks for including me !

  7. interesting n good ones i would say.. i wonder if i would be able to put down mine without being ashamed :(

  8. Smiled at your willingness to help the lost souls:)
    The fact that you have fought and are still friends speaks volumes about comfort levels of your friendship.

  9. renu: waiting to read it:-)

    Ish: Come on....what is there so much to feel ashamed...sometimes our quirks seem shameful & funny in our eyes but to the others it is a feeling that they r not the only odd one's out. put it up soon.

    Ps: yeah at one time, we friends lived in eachothers pockets...thats why so many clashes:-P


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