Monday, 14 July 2008

Why Me???????????????

Why do the wheels of the trolley I pick always go in 4 different directions?

Why is that the OJ I order always have less sugar in it? And while I’m on the subject…..
Why do the waiters always present the bill to me?

Why does the management[at office] always look to me for clarifications?

Why do beggars always single me out for alms among hoards of people?

Why is that my freshly combed hair looks disarrayed even before I walk out of the front door?

Why do people insist on leaving their plants with me when they go on vacation?
Don’t they know I have 2 anti-social elements in my house? I’m a ragged mess by the time they come to take their plant back.

Why does my queue at the shopping mall loo move slower than the rest(imagine standing in the queue with 2 kids who are jigging up & down to answer natures call)?
Wah, wah Nancy your grouses are even starting to rhyme together...queue, loo

Why do I end up winning tea towels and entry passes to Aquaparks for ONE whereas everybody else get Plasma TV’s or 4 days-5 Nights getaways to Seychelles?

Nancy is lying flat on the floor beating it with her fists……

Why? Why? WHY ME?????????


  1. know you just posted the story of my life ;)
    If you like i could add a few more to your list :P

  2. Oh u have got the ball rolling here. I have my own set of why me's. I am inspired enuf to blog about it soon.

  3. There is this beautiful anecdote.. about a player who got AIDS due to bad syringe...

    When everyone said... why you and all his reply was.. when we get good luck.. we never ask why me?

    So well why ask that when in bad luck?

    Why not me? seems a better question...

    So whenever i like to ask such questions... i remind myself of this..

    But erm.. u made me remember one day... from past..

    I was supp to bunk coll and go somewhere.. the guy who was supp to pick us up was late.. then we had to ahve brk fast coz we planned to trek.. the shops were not open yet..

    We barged into one hotel.. nearly foght with them to get served half cooked idli.. when we reached the station.. train was abt to leave.. we were on the bridge yet..

    The next train was 1 hour later.. erm so we ran.. my shoes broke.. i ran bare feet :P :P

    Then i realised that my trouser flap is open.. n we were in gents compartment...

    And without telling the guy with us... i have to erm get it corrected..

    Why me?? :( :(

  4. This is so universal, eveybody feels the same. but we fail to realise the many good things happening to us only, then we dont say why me???????????????
    ur blog and its reflections remind me that I am ageing:)because all the thought are so youthful:)

  5. sunshine: really then let them out..mayb they'll be the same ones I forgot to put up.

    bins: ok waiting to read urs.

    winnie:ooooohhh ur story really is everybody's idea of a BAD day:-O

    renu: u r so sweet to me:-)

    ISH: Thanks.......I think:-P


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