Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Hard-ly Working

From hardly working to working hard…..that pretty much sums up my situation at present.

Whats worse, the Manager has started coming to work on time thus curtailing all my extra-curricular activities.
Workplace is no longer an escape from reality or a place where I could catch up with my friends on the phone or net.

p.s - Nope, not ready to give up blogging.....just yet. But I'll will have to stretch my imagination a bit:-D. Any ideas, anyone?


  1. That sucks..i hope the number of posts wont reduce.
    you know you could write it down and quickly type it out whenever you get a chance.

  2. I used to feel exactly this at a previous workplace. Infact, when I was asked to work, I used to get pissed. What did they think, I went there to work??? :D Infact I used to do overtime to actually finish the work!!

    U could get in earlier or stay a bit late or cut back on lunch time. Or just keep an official file open and quickly close the blog page as someone approaches. A strategic seating arrangement will also do fine. The kind where u have ur back to the wall and can scan the entire office from where u sit!!!

  3. sunshine: the way it is going here there, thats exactly what I'm afraid of:-(

    bins: yep, they r useful suggestions tho I'm already doing 2of the 3.
    Actually I dont mind the work, it is the fact that these guys have taken to sitting in the office always which is getting to me:-p

  4. Oh..poor you... are they in office because of the general summer slack that is going on now? If so, then just stay patient for another 1.5 months, I'd say! :) Writing it down and typing it up quickly is one way...but better still, get a laptop and internet connection and start logging in from home!

  5. oh thats bad!!

    Write soem tag just for heck of it.. create new ones :D

  6. :) ,there are such times.just relax ,take a deep breath ,take a break on a weekend or go to the beach ,forget about everything for a day,take your attention off your manager :)

  7. Wannabe: My office is or rather was my recreation centre. I have the laptop, the internet connection, everything at home except the TIME.

    Winnie: I have a feeling u misunderstood:-P

    Stalag Sukhoi: Good Idea but my blog suffers:-P

  8. well!! i can totally empathise.. so is the case with me these days.. AND blogger is blocked at work, can u beat that.. n if u think things cudnt get worse, i am busy being a "good bahu" to my inlaws these days :/

  9. how could managers do this? don't they have any work ethics;-) i hope you won't reduce your posts. you have a style of your own and love the totally relevant little pics that you put up with your posts. puzzler: how did the K's get replaced back to the C's?

  10. ISH: Blogger blocked.....Sheeesh tragedy ya:-O. Gosh I'm already feeling better.
    I assume u r talking abt inlaws who r visiting for 1-2 months. I lived with mine for more than 8 yrs here before they left for good last november.
    But I know u r putting up ur Best Bahu impressions & doing a good job:-D

    Lan: "How could managers do this? don't they have any work ethics;-)"
    Aaaah ur words are like balm to my tired soul. And compliments...that too early in the morning, u have rejuvenated me....
    One post coming up in the next 1 hr.
    And yeah, all the K's suddenly reminded me of Karan Johar & Ekta the sudden drastic change:-P

  11. Reflections - even if you don't watch Hindi soaps, there's still too much of Ektaaaaarghhh Kapoor around, so yeah, the blog's much much better without them K's.... :)

  12. Shalom: Actually I never realised the K connection until a month back & once I did I felt soo sidey:-P. And hurriedly did the switch, all the time wondering why I used K in the first place.

  13. Awww, you said "sidey"....that's my sister's favourite word (its a different thing she uses it to describe me most of the time :D)....I miss her now :(

  14. Gosh really, sidey used to be one of my 'most used words'. Just ask my sister:-P.


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