Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Oh Brother

When I reached home last evening Nikita showed me this drawing she made.
I looked at it, smiled & asked“Where is the ‘r’ in the brother?”

“The ‘r’ is silent” said Nikita after a moments thought.

I looked at her open-mouthed for a sec & then rolled my eyes. Just the day before she asked me the spelling of Ballet, there I explained that ‘t’ was silent & that was why it was pronounced like that.

A minute later…. I asked “But why have put a brother in your family picture? You don’t have one, right.”

“Yes I wanted to talk to u about it. Why don’t u lay one?”

AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH……I was speechless for 2 mins this time.

“Take out your homework and start doing it. Not another word till you finish it”

Lay a brother…….like laying an egg or something. I wasn’t going to touch that one with a bargepole.


  1. Ha ha ha ha--This one is really hilarious!! :-) And many a time brothers ARE bothers too! :-)
    (Didnt even realise that many a time my posts are profound--are they?!I am thinking now)

  2. ha ha haaaaa oh my my my....... that is so cute and so funny... Mastercard priceless moment really ......

  3. OMG.. haha.. "lay" one
    its so much fun to have kids around! How do u manage to keep a straight face after such comments? :D

  4. Thats really cute and funny..one can never think of things kids can come up with
    Really how do u manage to keep a staright face after such a line? :D

  5. Ps: all ur posts make me ponder abt 'stuff':-).

    preethi: now when i read it, i find it funnier :-D

    ISH and Sunshine: straight face? when my lips start to wobble i turn my face away. but the kids can smell it(my amusement ie) & they dance around trying to catch me smiling. in the end all 3 of us will laugh loud & hard. But in this case i just hurried in2 my room...really i cdnt afford 2 let them know i found it funny otherwise they'll make my life miserable asking for a brother every 10 minutes :-o.

  6. lol...i can imagine, i mean i cant handle my nephew for few hours, let alone living 24/7 with a kid..but i guess you are doing a great job handling it :)

  7. :D That was simply too much. My stomach is hurting with all the laughing.
    Neha wants me to get her a big brother. Now that is a tough one. Every time I visit the hospital, She asks me " Where's the baby?"
    Sigh, I wish it were that fast, kid!!

  8. Hehe..just happened to be here by chance & I find tht I havent answered to ur comments.
    like they say...better late than never:-D

    sunshine: I try...I try....grat job??? I can never be too sure about tht:-P

    bins: so u found it funny huh:-D...but yeah seriously, some of the things they ask I have no clue what kind of answer to give:-o

  9. how kewt!

    Why dont you lay one anyways? ;)

  10. that was such a cute post! :) brimming with innocence this stage..how old is she??

  11. winnie: Huh....I already laid two & thts more than enoff.

    onlooker: :-)....was 6 yrs old when this incident happened.


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