Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Number Game

I just had to put this up........

Sudoku is one of my favourite pastimes. i have been at it for the past 2 yrs & manage to solve 85% of the puzzles Gulf News puts up in its Tabloid.
For the ignorant, here is a small summary of the game.

"Sudoku is a logic-based number placement puzzle. The objective is to fill a 9×9 grid so that each column, each row, and each of the nine 3×3 boxes contains the digits from 1 to 9, only one time each.
The puzzle setter provides a partially completed grid."

There are 4 levels of difficulty - Gentle, Moderate, Hard and Diabolical.

As u can see, i solved a 'Diabolical' for the 1st time & must have taken some 40 -45 minutes(Sudoku experts will scoff at my timings :-p) to solve it.

p.s - solved it sometime back but my scanner was on the blink. Had carefully preserved the portion of paper until now :-p.


  1. hey thanks for ur paste meant for ps. will post it where it belongs. sorry about that.

    about this post, i've done Sudoku the very very small version of it. It can get very addictive right? and i see 'diabolical' must be damn hard! Bravo! :)

  2. As Ps rightly mentioned in one of her blogs there are a lot lurkers(ie. in my case, mostly family & friends)who come 2 my page, read everything & dont bother to leave a comment :-S.

    Thanks Preethi for ur kind words & encouragement. i feel good. Appreciation does a mean a lot.

  3. Thanks to u too. hey, you have a great blog here. I used to feel the same when there were no cmnts from the 'lurkers' :) later i started cmnting on loads of other blogs that matched my wavelength. Got a few loyal readers in return. you cud do the same. will keep visiting you.... :)

  4. Good idea preethi, will keep it in mind. Thanks. and please do visit my home on the net often. U r always welcome :-).

  5. its really interesting...

    but just like you....i too take a lot of time.. :(

    hey nancy...do u mind me askign ur real name ?

  6. Yeah Sudoku is interesting. if i need to kill time, this is one sure way where time just flies.
    and Ali, my 'real' name is just what u see - Nancy. No, i dont mind u asking:-).

  7. Wow. Diabolical !! Congrats.
    I am SUDOKU maniac too. Participated in a competition too. Sadly I'm not a superduper solver either.

    But something I noticed, you solve your sudoku very neatly. My whole grid will be choc-a-bloc with digits (for the tougher levels)

  8. U too!!!!! Cooool;-D!!!!

    Hehe......the reason why it looks so neat is tht otherwise I will manage to confuse myself....u see Maths was never my strong point;-P.


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