Monday, 11 February 2013

Food for the Soul

Last Friday, we were invited to a Show Jumping competition at the Emirates Equestrian Center, Bab Al Shams. So after church we rushed back home to get dressed to leave for the event. We had less than an hour to meet our friends. 

As the others got ready I quickly made lunch. I made stir-fry and fried fish and then on the spot decided to make some curry too to eat with rice. We rushed through lunch and made it 10 minutes late to the appointed spot where we met our friends who were patiently waiting for us. We profusely apologized for the delay and guiltily patted our stomachs to show why we were late.

Our friends had a late breakfast and hadn't bothered with lunch.

We looked at them with respect.

We couldn't ever think of missing a meal. The mere thought of it brings on horrible headaches, temper tantrums and funny feelings in the stomach.

It took us an hour to reach our destination; our friends’ children were making hungry noises towards the end of our journey.

I mentally patted myself for feeding the family before leaving.

The first thing which caught our eyes when we reached our VIP enclosure was the grand spread. Two huge tables alongside the wall were laden with food. Delicious, scrumptious, mouth-watering, lip-smacking FOOOOD.

I slumped down into my VIP chair in shock.

I refused to be consoled for the next 10 minutes.

It was such a mean trick. A low blow I tell you.

You don’t believe me????

Here’s a picture of the salads…

Still wondering what the fuss is all about????

Okay here’s another of the desserts…

Tears stung my eyes especially when I saw the desserts.

couldn't bear the painful sight of everybody cheerfully serving themselves and so took myself off from there to take pictures of the pretty looking horses with my new DSLR.

The camera was a good one.

It completely sensed my mood.

Almost all of the pictures turned out blurred, just like my vision.

What a lousy weekend, I thought despondently.

You guys are a suspicious lot, I am forced to add here;-S....

Yes it is possible to take bad pictures with a DSLR.

It’s simple really, all you have to do is not read the manual which comes along with the camera.

And never and I mean NEVER listen to the sensible advice your better-half tries to give you.

Tadaaaa…you got your picture in your hand.

Here’s a perfect example…..

And posted below is a picture of the VIP enclosure. 

Who are those people sitting on the sidelines???

The ones who didn't have VIP passes ofcourse.

Can you see them eating??? They had to buy their grub from the restaurant which is not there in the picture. Imagine that???

Feeling more upbeat now I went back to my VIP pavilion. I was ready to sample atleast some of the sumptuous desserts if not all.

I stared at the desserts table in shock.

It was empty.

It was tea-time.

Dainty finger sandwiches and elegant nibbles were rapidly filling up the same spots where the golden pies and tarts and delicious mango mousse once peacefully co-existed side by side.

I could feel myself reeling a little.

I vaguely wondered anybody would mind if I bawled my heart out. After all, crying once in a while was good for the soul.

I should have just sat at home and read a recipe-book or something.

What a terrible, horrible, lousy, LOUSY day, I thought desolately.

A waiter passing by looked at me enquiringly.

Abandoning all sense of shame I shakily pointed to the empty space where the dish I coveted at first glance was resting just a few hours earlier.

He looked blankly at me.

I schooled my voice to utter one word.


He turned and went away.

Within half a minute he was back with the huge bowl of Rasmalai.

Stop nit-picking all of you… may look small in the picture but it looked HUGE to me.

How many Madam?? The thoughtful server asked me kindly.

The knight who saved my day
“One please” I said politely, aware of my surroundings again.

Have some more, he urged.

Just one, I smiled thanking him.

I was eating rasmalai after many, many years.

Savoured every mouthful and went back home happy.

It turned out to be a GOOD weekend after all.


  1. LOL!! What all we Indians can do for food no? hehehehe...

    The pictures that matter look good and who the hell looks at horse when we can feast our eyes on food pics :D

    1. Hehe Smita...u r a woman after my own heart;-D

  2. Going Awwwwwww! at the Horse picture! How did you take that with DSLR camera??You are incredible Nancy!!

    ....Running away to find a cover.........Ooooolala!

    1. Thanks Maddy, it's very simple I just pressed click button;-D

  3. Who cares about a pony tail when we get to see plates and plates of delicious, colorful food neatly presented. Your DSLR skills are indeed good, N :)

    1. And RS, been meaning to ask u...did u receive the postcard I sent u???

  4. :D :D :D :D That was actually such a wonderfully eventful and happy day but for your enthu cooking self ! :P :P :P

    1. The day I overdo something always goes wrong;-(.

  5. So much food and no duck roast? Bah!

  6. If only you were not such a cooking enthu it would have been such a different post. We could have drolled over your descriptions of all the lip smacking yummylicious salads and deserts.

    1. Heee without tasting anything I have extolled the virtues of everything then imagine if I did;-o.

  7. What was the event about, BTW? I am fed up with sweets here. Need to reduce it.

    Destination Infinity

    1. The event was a showjumping competition....didnt write too much about it because I have already written about them earlier and so thought all of u'll be bored;-P.

  8. yup that does look amazing..the food :)
    The blurred horse lol, i am the same way with cameras..if the husband hadnt explained to me how to use it i would have never got it. I hate reading manuals..

    1. Oh yes it was and more ....I didnt even show you pictures of the beautiful main course;-D.

      I love reading but hate reading manuals. Anyways have borrowed some books from the library on the topic. Lets hope some of it goes in somewhere;-P

  9. Yaa even my eyes were feasting on the food pics and ignored the horses completely! What fun ! :D Did the kids enjoy it too? Did you wear sophisticated hat and pearls ?

    1. The kids had a blast....the emptied the macaroons and strawberries dipped in chocolate in record time. I was just glad my two were not the only ones embarrassing their parents;-P. Free horse rides & petting foals in their pen took up all the rest of their time;-D.
      No hat & pearls for me;-P...come to think of it not many wore hats but some women I noticed wore head pieces with flowers.

  10. Ha Ha ha. These days the Begum is cavorting with VIPs and the like - I remember your Dubai World Cup post of sometime ago.

    And what does she do ??? Not a mention of Sjoeke's blistering 57.96 . Nor even Latifa al Maktoum's stunning performance of Peanuts de Beaufour. Grrrrr.

  11. Don't show off Ramesh;-P....anyways everybody knows by now that if they want to read real news they just have to click on your page and if they want to time-pass they click on mine;-D

    1. Fooled you !! Of course I knew nothing about the event , but then Google is such a friend:)

      Your blog is the warmest, nicest, coziest, prettiest, place in the blogosphere. And you are such a sport. No we don't come here for time pass. We come her to get all cheered up to face the world.

    2. I know how to get the sweetest comments out of you. Just make u feel guilty haa;-D

      That was the most beautiful comment about my blog and me, thank U Ramesh:)). And may I return the compliment[minus the word prettiest ofcourse;-D].

  12. Oooh yes, I'm with you on that, can't go without food. You don't want to meet me when I'm hungry, seriously! But I can totally empathise with your reaction on reaching the place. Anyway, lesson for future reference: try to find out beforehand if there's gonna be a buffet :)

    1. U bet I'm going to make sure...some lessons are for life;-D.


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