Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Of Colds, Cakes and Curtains

My original intention was to let the pictures do the talking.  I thought for once I'll spare you the long-winded monologues and come directly to the point. I'm sure we all agree that original intentions are always usually well-meaning ones. If I had followed my original intentions I'd have climbed atleast 2 mountains by now, served as a librarian in my spare time and raised money for charity inbetween. 

Note to people who wandered in for the first time: Now is the perfect time to get out of here, most posts on this page are about the blogger and her 'frog in the well' existence. A perfect example is this post...she is updating on what happened to her between the last update and today. 
"What happened???" You ask.
Why, nothing!!!
Aaaah you are getting the gist!!! 
Thats right, the blogger loves to believe people are interested in her ramblings. 
What about all the people who comment on her blog????
They are all people with hearts of Gold, I salute them for their patience and kind-heartedness.
So just go, Go, GO before you get entangled in her nothings!!!!!

Without further ado......

We caught a cold.
We medicated ourselves and successfully managed to turn it into an infection.
We are now dutifully following the doctor's instructions. 
Naina was the only one who was excited. 
The doc prescribed antibiotics in the form of tablets[instead of the usual bitter syrup] for her. 
She makes a big production out of it. First time you see. 
  • Tablet - check
  • Water - check
  • Chair to sit on - check
  • Table to place water & tablet on - check
  • Jug of water closeby in case she needs more - check
First she drinks a little water to moisten her mouth.
Then she places the tablet in the centre of her tongue.
She raises glass of water immediately to mouth and swallows 3-4 gulps of it in quick succession.
Then grins at me triumphantly as if she is the only kid in the world who has swallowed tablets.

I cater to all her whims.
Just grateful she eats them without a fuss.

Reason: I hated tablets when I was young; my mum went thru a harrowing 20 minutes every time it was time for my medicines.

I think we fell sick because of this stoopid, stoopid park. It's right behind our apartment. I leaned far out and took this picture from my balcony to show you; the things I do to keep you guys entertained. 
We knew summer[the horrid humid months] was around the corner so we wanted to make the most of the good weather. I went for morning walks & badminton, the kids played till they dropped & the better-half exercised & played volleyball. 

Moral of the story: People who are couch-potatoes by nature should not attempt heroics.

Remember this plant??? 
Oh dont mind the Aloe Vera, it cant decide whether it wants to live or die. 
I'm talking about the tiny stalk in the brown pot. 
The one I got from the park from my morning walks. 
The one I planted over Naina's plum seed. Remember??? 
Good news: It blooomed;-D. 

Bad news: Naina is expecting to eat plums very soon.

At school
Coming back to how we fell sick, there could be another reason. Last weekend we sat outside in the humidity for more than 2 hours waiting for Nikita's program to start. It could also have happened because we went hunting for black stockings in the hot sun the previous day because Nikita piteously cried about how they would throw her out of the song if she went without them. 

Reaction: Hopping mad when I saw more than half the kids were not wearing them;-/.

The only good thing about infections is that we stay put. 
No energy to move equals more puzzle pieces finding their groove. 
Move....groove......gosh, I'm waxing poetry now;-o
What do u mean you can't make out any difference from the last picture I posted and this???? 
I fixed the mountains and 30% of the forest. 

Favourite Quote: Believe you can and you are halfway there ~Theodore Roosevelt

Like I said, no energy to move means no energy to light the stove.
Now I really have to set aside a separate book for poetry.
What's the point of cooking something we can't taste right??? 
But one must make the effort.

Heights of Perseverance: We dragged ourselves to the nearest burger joint and forced ourselves to eat.

I claim no credit for the white scribblings
When complaints of 'no taste in the mouth' rose to a crescendo it was time.....
Time to let go.
Time to raise the bar.
Time to bake a cake silly;-).
That box with the blue lid.....there's a perfectly good reason why it's there in the picture.

Honest Truth: It's got cupcakes. 

Now my original intention was to end this post with the cake picture.

Way back in April I wrote about my glass window & the need for curtains. 

Everybody agreed I needed curtains.

The next post when I talk about my complicated thought process, you comment "Did you put up the curtains???"  

Then when I blog about the anti-social elements I'm raising in my backyard and you are "Don't tell me you haven't got those curtains yet????"

I don't blog for 2 weeks and I get tongue-in-cheek mails asking if I was busy shopping for curtains???

So settling all doubts & queries in that direction.....

Proof: The curtains!!!!


  1. Loved the color of the curtains, bright and sunshiny! Worth all the wait!

    Now, Nancy, cook up a story about the plum fruits before Naina finds out, please, don't break her heart, poor girl!!

    The park looks so enticing, No wonder you fell a prey ;)

    I think you are getting too much with Business musings. See, working like a businessman, with the caution in tinyyy fonts. Phoooooo!!

    And too much of poetry also?? Your poetry skills are growing at an alarming scale. Way to go.....

    1. I often go back to our last year's questions month (June-July 2011). What fun we had? Thanks for the wonderful times, N.

      We could do with one more blogathon or questionathon :). But then, it's your choice ;)

    2. Naina already knows...Nikita who had doubts from the beginning told her truth. She was upset with me even. But as soon as she saw the flowers she did an about-turn and is going around proudly proclaiming that her plum plant flowered;-/.
      Don't, I beg you please don't take the name of Business Musings and my page in the same breath. Ramesh will refuse to have anything to do with me ever again and I simply can't afford that. His comments on my blog are what keeps the others guessing;-D

    3. @questionthon - Thank YOU for the fun times....seriously it wd have fallen flat even all of U hadn't rallied around me and made it 'happening'. As for another round *shudder, shudder* ur confidence in my abilities is gratifying;-o

  2. I love your posts!!! Period!!
    Why don't you write a book? No, seriously!
    Hope Naina is better & btw that garden & cake look awesome and I will not say anything about the burger & the french fries because I am on diet :P

    Lovely Courtains BTW!

    1. Why don't you write a book? No, seriously!
      Coming from a popular book-reviewer this is a huge compliment. I may never write that book but thank you for the vote of confidence:-)).

    2. Yes , yes Nancy, write that book, I am telling you it is going to be an outright best seller.

    3. Sometimes I wonder why I hang onto my blog grimly[when I dont have anything to say..of any value ie] and refuse to let I know:-))))))))))))))))))))))).

    4. you have to write that book :-)

    5. Huhhh...what seee...I don't see any connection anywhere...stop pulling my leg;-/

  3. Psst! How are you planning to solve the Plum problem?

    1. If nothing else works I'm planning to throw myself at her mercy; anything to save myself from emosional athyachaar;-P

  4. Parents are supposed to set a right example to kids by not eating fast food, especially when they are unwell. Look at those burgers and French fries... I am sure you ordered the burger with extra cheese. Where is the chilled coke? It did not fit into the frame is it? :P

    Destination Infinity

    1. My kids are so painfully thin tht people look at me suspiciously like as if I'm starving them. I'd feed them burgers everyday I got an assurance they'll put on some weight. Oh alright I won't but u know what I mean;-P
      Except for colas & chewing gum which is a strict no-no, everything else we believe is good in moderation;-D

  5. Oh WONDERFUL- you had me laughing throughout- even at your side note to new readers- they, of course, will be able to see right through you and know they have landed on a gold mine here...and they will never want to leave!!! :)

    Sorry though that you were all sick- hoping that the antibiotics will be doing their trick.

    loved every single pic and your lovely running commentary- I have missed it termendously!!!!!

    GREAT JOB!!!! Glad to see proof of curtains :)

    1. Thank U for cheering me up:-))!!!!Everybodys' good now except me who got 3 more days of the same all bcoz I listened to the doc and made a follow-up visit;-P

  6. Your original intentions - it is so uncannily similar. Haven't given up on the mountain part yet :-)
    Love those plants in all the corners and that vase on the table!

    1. The mountain-climbing dream has been a part of me tht it's the most natural thing to say....but sometimes I wonder....if I really were presented with the opportunity, would I follow thru with it??? 10-15yrs back I wd have jumped at it but now...i don't know;-(.

    2. Don't think, just jump :P
      And you know who to call if you want company :-)

    3. Right!!!! The right company makes all the difference;-D

  7. The living room looks beautiful with new curtains. And yes, do write a book, it will turn out to be a best-seller:D

    1. Doesn't it;-D!!!! I'll tell u the curtain story in the shortest way possible:
      Curtain shopping going nowhere - husband-wife don't like eachothers choices - big argument - wife washes hands off - both lose interest - H one day comes back with the dullest brown material - W horrified, with gr8 difficulty keeps mouth firmly shut but eyes and face show exact truth - H realises he made big boo-boo but stick to his decision - finally hang curtains - wife reluctantly looks to see the over-all effect - she is amazed - the dullest brown material takes on a whole new colour when the sun shines on it - H-W look at eachother in relief. All gila-shikua forgotten. Happy families once again;-D

  8. Loved the curtains!
    you eat cakes and burgers when you catch a cold?? wow!
    I hope you guys are better now.
    And, yes, please write the book.

    1. Uma darling u must have heard of the old saying....
      Feed a cold, starve a fever!!!!
      We are firm traditionalists when it comes to illness & food;-D.

  9. Now that is a very welcoming living room! Love the curtains.

  10. paisa wasool entertaining post!

    1. I feel like putting fingers in my mouth and whistling ;-D

  11. You are the best when it comes to narration ! And about the socks...Ive given a tough time to my parents too :D with demands like these..and now hoping to be on the receiving end soon.
    The curtains are lovely.

    1. Huh what socks...u r talking abt medicines right???? But why socks...I spent a lot of time trying to rhyme pills, meds, tabs...but none rhymed with slip of word happened??? Were u thinking of getting ur son's socks washed when u were writing this comment;-D????
      I knw, I knw I'm such a complicated person who spends so much time analysing these important things;-D

  12. the cutest kid !!! she is much better than taking pills... even today I cannot place the pill on the tongue... it has to go straight into the gullet... even that many times will come right back after its been inserted... !!!

    I have not learnt the skill of taking a pill yet.. :((

    And whats all these food pics and then this soothing house with curtains eh ?!

    I kinda concur with lilac... its a paisa wasool post :D

    1. Hahahaaaa even me I had so much trouble swallowing tablets...dont tell my kids but like u even today if I'm not careful it sits on my tongue & refuses to go down if I dont swallow the right way. Then the horrid taste seeps thru and I gag;-/.
      I'm no expert but I dont think the way u do it also the right way....infact just thinking abt placing the tab in the gullet makes me want to gag*shudder, shudder*.
      And ur agreeing with Lilac makes me wanna seeti maroe;-D

  13. Awesome post! The curtains are so lovely and make the room look so lively....

    1. this who I think it is;-o???? Looooong say 2 yrs now;-o??? How have u been???????

      Thanku, thanku;-D!!!!!!

      p.s: this comment is special...wannna know why??? Its the first good comment which went into spam, I was so thrilled to click on 'not spam' & bring it back...yeah yeah I knw I'm so jobless like tht;-D

  14. ha ha.... long time no read n the post was worth it.

    Proof: I commented ;)

    1. Udi baaaba.....look who's here;-D!!!!
      Good to see u girl!!!!

  15. haha seriously i'm trying very hard not to start every comment with 'haha' but i really can't help it! you are simply too good! :)
    seriously, from where do you come up with such wacky stuff?

    "Moral of the story: People who are couch-potatoes by nature should not attempt heroics."

    i can totally relate to the kiddo's enthu after gulping that tablet... it used to take me FOREVER, no jokes. then my dad started dissolving it in water in a spoon and feeding me :\

    and oh those curtains are the prettiest things ever! :D

    1. then my dad started dissolving it in water in a spoon and feeding me :\ mum tried tht just once & I brought out the dinner I had;-P
      Thanks, no wacky stuff Snow, just my life....thank goodness somebody see's the funny side of it;-P.

  16. yes it is me....I know have been away for a long time....but I have been reading your breaks all along....:-)

  17. heheheh youuuu are one piece :)
    simply loveeeeee the way u digress
    hows the infection situation now? N i also take meds like naina :) still :)

    1. U r not going to believe this but I have started taking meds like Naina....u knw I realised tht I was not wetting my tongue before swallowing the tablets, thts why it[sometimes] remained stuck to the tongue even after drinking water.
      And thanks Amrita:-D!!!!!

  18. Ah finally the curtains. Lovely colours....And I love the two little pots with Sada Pushpa (VInca rose) and Alo Veera...

    1. Hey thanks for leading me in the right direction...till today I was under the impression it was Periwinkle. Googled Vinca Rose and sound the exact flowers tho Periwinkle is also partially right:-).
      And yeah the curtains...glad u approve since u were also one of the few who were bugging me abt the curtains;-D

  19. I know you are not going to move from this flat very soon. So, With the Park picture and the parking lot Number, I am going to knock your door sometime soon as uninvited guest!!!

    Scary right!!!hahahahaha! So start thinking of a blog

    " An Uninvited guest"
    Title courtesy : Your truly.

    1. Thanks Maddy for the info...I'll definitely be more careful in the future.
      p.s: Hehe look at the pic again will U;-D

  20. Hope you are running to recovery and will kick butts in that park soon :)

    1. Much, much better than before but the cough is proving difficult to completely get rid off;-/. The temperature outside is 45 degrees+ and terrible humidity to boot so kicking butts in the park is just a dream right now;-P


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