Sunday, 15 May 2011

Keyed up

I’m feeling fine now thank You for asking, though was not so fine last week and the week before that. Like I’ve said before, I detest going to the doctor and am prepared to go to any lengths to avoid it. And so what could have been cured in 1 week took a fortnight to sort out.
With the season changing I caught a terrible cold which I thought would blow over in 3-4 days but when I was getting dizzy all the time and a busybody insinuated it could be Good News I thought I better get expert advice before people look at my paunch, put 2 & flu together and pronounce it a baby bump;-/

The doc said ‘Sinusitis’ almost straight away and gave me enough antibiotics to keep me occupied for the next 10 days. Sinusitis sounded like a very hep malady and so I was announcing it to all & sundry when the better-half kindly explained that it was a term referring to a head filled with flem;-/.

And so I got mad at him. why??? Oh I don’t need reasons to get hyper when I’m sick. And during this phase all the world’s faults are usually laid at his door. And so I was super chill with him last week. But I’m not the kind who sits in a corner and sulks. Instead I morph into a superwoman; I go into this frenzy and start cleaning all the corners in the house, cooking really tasty goodies 3-4 times a day and everything to do with the kids [like homework, projects]will be ship-shape. Do I talk to the better-half??? Ofcourse I do but you’ll find a very gracious and politically correct ‘Wife’ who will extra politely enquire how his day was??? Smile ambiguously and ask what the score is[IPL]??? Or graciously invite him to his own dining table for dinner.

As he has been seeing me in action for the past 11 yrs he is not easily cowed and gives me the space to play the righteous witch; in return enjoys the peace & quiet it provides him with[I suppose]. But he has his own weaknesses…..though a very quiet and calm person himself he got used to a noisy household filled with banter and laughter. So after a day or two he gets fidgety and starts initiating conversation which is like highly unusual anyother time[again I'm assuming here]. Otherwise why else will he say something like….

Rajnikant is going overseas for treatment” out of the blue while having dinner and look expectantly at me.

And I’d be like “Oh that’s wonderful news” very brightly and get back to counting the number of mustard floating on the moru curry.

The head going all wonky on me was a new thing. I was almost finished with the antibiotics but the dizziness was still there everyday. I was not sleeping well and the back of head was always heavy. Was it just Sinusitis or the beginnings of something else…..more and more young people are dying nowdays without showing any outward symptoms. What if I didn’t get up one morning??? Who will feed the kids??? Who will tell my blog-friends about the tragedy????

It shows the extent of my husband’s patience that he didn’t take me to task when he found my house keys which were used to open the main door the previous night, still hanging in the key-hole until the next afternoon. Abandoning my lofty pedestal I fell to earth with a thud and looked at him most contritely.

The head sort of miraculously cleared after that. So I’m good, feel much better now, thanks for asking once again.

So now we are back to a messy house with curries being stretched to 2 mealtimes and homework being completed at the last minute, like seconds before the school bus arrives in the morning.

All izzz well in this part of town, what’s happening at your end???????

p.s: But what about the door you will ask. I now walk around with a sharp knife tucked into my belt and keep sachets of chilli powder within hands reach…..just in case you know. And oh at night we place the shoe cupboard in front of the door.


  1. Wow!! Am I first?? :)

  2. So glad you are feeling better. Take lots of rest though. :) Also happy that you are back blogging. :) :)

  3. You are absolutely in perfect shape - this classic very nice Reflections post is ample proof. Methinks thou needs a heavy dose of TLC. Is a certain gentleman reading this space ??

  4. Aaaahhh Princess I'm feeling much, much better now;-D

    Awwwww do u manage to write such lovely comments. Thank U:-D!!!!

  5. "Put 2 and flu together"..Haha! Good one :)

    And seriously the first thing that came to your mind when you thought of death is about the kids and blog-friends? Not about yourself? :o
    Thinking about it, how will all the wonderful (and some sick) people I've met in the blogging world come to know if I kick the bucket. Hmmm now that's something to think about!

  6. Heee u noticed....I was maha pleased when I came up with the phrase;-D
    Oh I think abt myself too, I'm claustrophobic u knw. So I keep wondering how I'll manage in such a small area and tht too it will be pitch dark;-o

  7. Oh I'm so glad you are feeling better- sinus infection- or any such things are horrible!!! I laughed throughout your post and thought "She is an excellent writer!" For after all, only an excellent writer can 'jab' at themselves and make a horrible week of sickness laced with humor!!!


  8. Hi Nancy, glad u r better n back again.. Its so fun to read posts on Nikita and Naina, "sweet" is the word that comes to mind after reading them, they are so adorable, and they remind me of my mischievous niece Inaaya.. :)

  9. LOL! Glad to see that you are back :) Thank god for that Sinusitis for getting you back here, I guess :)

    I did the key thing once too :( And once I left my car boot, open wide, for about 2 hours. I was mortified when I realized :( In my defense, I had truckloads of groceries, and all I could think of was to get them into the fridge.

  10. Ha! Enjoyed reading this post. You have such an interesting way to narrate the story.

    In a sense this drama is played in all homes, so I also relived some moments.

    Thanks, enjoyed,

  11. Can I say LOL??? hehehe...we 1st thing 1st it feels refreshing to read such a tongue in cheek post afetr a long time!!!

    So hows the headache? I suffer from the same ailment so know how bad it can be!!!

    Today, before coming to the office I had a session of kach kach with my hubby where only I was speaking & not letting him speak :D Feeling very light headed :D

  12. Its like you are sitting here and saying these to me in person...seriously, your blog talks !!! So how are u now...better?

  13. Ok something is seriously wrong with blogger. I can't find my comments on this post. Similarly your comments on my 2 posts also vanished. So please don't think I didn't publish them! That's all your honor! :)

  14. Dear Divya, Ramesh, Connie, Smita, Blunt Edges, Yasmeen, I received all ur comments but Blogger seems to have swallowed all of them and my replies too;-(. Just wanted to let u knw. And thanks:))!!!!.

  15. Vivek Patwardhan: Thanks and very curious to know the memories it revoked;-D

    Smita: LOL I can very well imagine;-P...and had a good laugh at ur previous comment abt the car boot left open for 2 hrs;-D

    Anita: Hehe I'm going to take tht as a compliment;-D. Yep better, much much better:-))!!!!

    Blunt Edges: Blogger had some serious issues past 2 days...infact at one point my whole post[the latest one] went missing for a few hours and I was so hopping mad;-/.
    Atleast u read my comments, so its ok:-))!!!!

  16. Phew!I hope my comment finally gets thru today!

    I hv the sinus problem too Nance, so know hw bad it cn get :( May be I shud try out that miracle therapy next time :P

  17. :) aaww! glad all izzzz well!!! here too the stints at all tidy and proper hardly lasts, thankfully!! ;)

  18. Good to know you have recovered.

    So I can send my carpenter for a day to change the cylinder( The key holder). Service is not free for sure. A big Cake would do!!

  19. take care!! this bout of cold/flu seems to be doing the rounds everywhere! i was sick last week and soo many of my friends/colleagues have been falling sick also!

    lol @ hubby initiating convo with rajnikant joke!
    ohh and i have a new one for u, incase u havent heard it yet! :))
    "Rajnikant poked Osama Bin Laden on facebook; Result: Osama is found dead somewhere in Pakistan!"

  20. Swaram: U r not talking abt the swallowing 'live' fish theraphy are u;-o????

    Vaidegi: LOL thankfully;-D

    Maddy: Anytime, just name the day and time;-D

    Sunshine: Hahahaaaa...these jokes are the ultimate, eachone is funnier than the previous;-D
    But u knw the husband was not saying a joke he was actually trying to discuss 'current affairs' with me...Rajnikant was really hospitalised and had decided to go overseas for treatment;-D

  21. I am laughing non-stop! Specially on all the precautionary measures you have taken for the door!

  22. Hehe.....the things we do to survive huh;-D

  23. LOl! I'm so like you, Nance! When I'm sick I get so irritant and pathetic that more often than not the its my husband who has bear the brunt of my sickness :D

    Hope you're doing well now :) So good to read you again, Nance :0

  24. Much better now, thanks Deeps;-D!!!

  25. You really do have a way of making us laugh, Nancy :-)

    Hope you are better now

  26. Welcome back again (You keep coming back in bursts and then dispappear for a while :-)
    Love your "style" of getting sick and then taking it all out on the hubby!! It is definitely the best medicine out there :-)

  27. LOL I am SO so so so s os o glad you're back...did I say? SO GLAD. Don't ever leave us please... :o)

    LOL - counting the mustard in the morru curry - I can't stop laughing :D

  28. Hitchwriter: ;-D

    Bindu: Thank U:-))!!!!! Oh yes I'm so much better now.

    Dil Se: Stuff keeps happening and I have to give it my full attention, so...;-P

    Jane's Ire: Glad u got a laugh out of it;-D

  29. First, I want the recipe to that more curry ??? Whats that ??? More kuzhambu types or what ??? The foodie took over Nance...cant help it... :)
    BTW, do u count the mustard seeds on it ??? Really ??? LOL !! My cousin does that and we always tease him on mom used to say that she'll do mustard seeds separately for him - but he'll want those on sambar or rasam.... ;)

    Ok, my dear frnd, how u doing now ??? Hope all the traces of sinus has vanished and u are feeling healthy and wonderful. :)

    LOL @ those conversations, esp the Rajnikanth one...I would've blabbered so much at the mention of Rajni... ;)

    Gud to see a post here....keep writing na...even when u talk abt ur sinus, somehow u make me smile... :)

    How r the girls ???? Lots of love and hugs to them... :)

    Has the mango season begun there ??? I was thinking of u, when I ate a mango alone in my bedroom, hiding from the girls....they always come to share the mango I eat... ;) ;)

  30. hey u feeling better? I hope so! (hugs)

    im feeling kinda better a bit of a drama queen ...and everytime something happens that i dont like..whether its inlaws or traffic..i take it on the husband! :) its good to know there r more like me out there...maybe its normal!??!

  31. UmaS: Hehe its a on the link, a typical mallu recipe:-)
    LOL I have a cousin too who separates all the mustard. By the end of the meal u'll see a black mound at the corner of his plate..we have given commenting on it and just roll our eyes nowadays;-D
    I'm doing good now but the heat and the humidity is a killer;-(
    And mango season....LOL this place is a desert remember, no mangoes grown anywhere in the vicinity...but yeah mangoes from Kenya, India and Thailand have started arriving;-D

    Limenlemons: After a looong time, how have u beeen;-D????
    u've been sick too...its the weather I suppose. Take care.
    LOL I dont know abt normal but I feel much better afterwards and I bet so do u;-D

  32. Hi Reflections..
    Hope u get well soon.. And thanks for visiting my space :)


  33. i thoroughly enjoyed reading this this little kochu visheshams from home...hope you are doing well..:)

  34. Hey thanks Mathew;-D
    Good to see u too!!!!!

  35. ROFL @
    Who will tell my blog-friends about the tragedy????

    Gud to know that all izzz well chech ;D

    ps. thot bil ws rly cute when i read the rajnikanth part... He must love u big time ;)


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