Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Take Solace...

For all those moments when you were hurting & wish you were not, here’s a little positive thinking.

Take a moment to read:

Sometimes people come into your life and you know right away that they were meant to be there, to serve some sort of purpose, teach you a lesson, or to help you figure out who you are or who you want to become.

You never know who these people may be, possibly your roommate, neighbour, co-worker, long lost friend, lover, or even a complete stranger, but when you lock eyes with them, you know at that very moment that they will affect your life in some profound way.

And sometimes things happen to you that may seem horrible, painful, and unfair at first, but in reflection you find that without overcoming those obstacles you would have never realized your potential, strength, willpower, or heart.

Everything happens for a reason. Nothing happens by chance or by means of luck. Illness, injury, love, lost moments of true greatness, and sheer stupidity all occur to test the limits of your soul. Without these small tests, whatever they may be, life would be like a smoothly paved, straight, flat road to nowhere. It would be safe and comfortable, but dull and utterly pointless.

The people you meet who affect your life, and the success and downfalls you experience, help to create who you become. Even the bad experiences can be learned from. In fact, they are probably the most poignant and important ones.

If someone hurts you, betrays you, or breaks your heart, forgive them, for they have helped you learn about trust and the importance of being cautious when you open your heart.

If someone loves you, love them back unconditionally, not only because they love you, but because in a way, they are teaching you to love and how to open your heart and eyes to things.

Make every day count!!!

Appreciate every moment and take from those moments everything that you possibly can for you may never be able to experience it again.

Talk to people that you have never talked to before, and actually listen.

Let yourself fall in love, break free, and set your sights high.

Hold your head up because you have every right to.

Tell yourself you are a great individual and believe in yourself, for if you don't believe in yourself, it will be hard for others to believe in you.

You can make of your life anything you wish.

Create your own life then go out and live it with absolutely no regrets.


If you LOVE someone tell him or her, for you never know what tomorrow may have in store!!!


  1. Well said and so true..

    I see U & I, we think alike ;)

  2. I feel like this blog is just for me. I am being directed towards these thoughts far too many times for me to ignore. Thanks a ton for this amazing blog.

  3. Hey thanks Sunshine. Saying it, is easy, it is the "doing" part of it which is tough :-P

  4. Wow. Just reading every line gave me a feeling of goodness. Learn from everything. If you look at life from that angle, i think you can actually be detached in a strange way that 'll save you from a lot of negative emotions, right? mmmm..... will put it in practice and see what happens?

    and hey thanks for enquiring about me there, got caught up in 'life' thankfully found my way back :)

  5. bins: Optimism and Positive Thinking does wonders to our psche. Directing our minds towards the light melts away the darkness just like that(clicking my fingers):-).

  6. the post reflect so much of optimism, something i have been lacking off late. motivating post.:)

  7. Preethi: u r right, if v can stay detached it can save us a lot of heartache. THIS is easy to say when u r a bystander. IF u r IN the situation it is a lot harder to stay 'uninvolved'.

    And Welcome back :-).

  8. ISH: I'm glad u liked it. Before, we had our fav people motivating us. Nowadays we are forced to take comfort frm written words. Life sure is a loooong journey full of twists and turns :-).

  9. Yes-"If it doent kill you it makes you stronger." I am not yet dead--so i must be strong! :-) :-)

    It is really really hard to be unaffected--but yes-- heartbreaks DO TEACH you valuable lessons though it may not seems so at the moment.

  10. Ps: LOL, that was super. Yeah, some of us are iron plated here heehee.


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