Sunday, 16 March 2008

Poor Concepts

We were on our way to church last evening. The traffic was terrible as usual. My daughters were amusing themselves by gazing out of the car window.

At one of the traffic signals……

Naina: Chechi, look at that poor man. His car is broken. He has no money to repair it.

Nikita: Oh so sad.

We all turned to commiserate with the poor man and his broken car.

It was a Mercedes Convertible. The owner was driving it with its hood down.


  1. nancy
    thanks for coming by. kids can be so much fun! reflections seem to be a nice place indeed.

  2. I wish they knew how lucky that guy was!! What a thought though!!! Young minds... so amazing!

  3. i too get amused when i see a Ferrari or a murciolago among the civics and corollas in the traffic. Guys what's the point in having a million dollar car...if u can't enjoy the ride....what say?

  4. lan: yes, the company of kids can be so enlightening sometimes.

    Thank you for your kind words.

    Bins: Amazing is the apt word to describe them. young minds are so free of any binding or artifice.

  5. Melwyn: Yes, even a picture of a sports car brings to mind a race track or a deserted highway where the driver has the run of the land:-).

  6. lol.. kids are fun
    and richer the people, the more brainless they seem to be

  7. ha ha ha ha--this was really hilariuos :-D
    Kids can be really funny at times.

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  9. Ps: yes they say it like they see it. kids....:-D.
    ps - i feel terribly guilty again & u knw exactly why :-P


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