Saturday, 1 December 2007

Everyday Humour

Sister Act

Nikita: Why dont u give Naina away to another family?

Mama: Why?

Nikita: I dont think i can live with her anymore.

Mama: Then what will I do?

Nikita: Oh u can stay with me. U dont trouble me the way she does.

[p.s - i actually meant to ask her "what will i do without Naina" ]


Pencil Magic

Biju: I think Naina's color pencils are possessed.

Nancy: what do u mean?

Biju: As soon as u turn your back, they are back on the floor again.


[p.s - i'm gonna keep updating this page.]


  1. Hee hee--by this defintiton almost all the things in my home are possessed!

  2. Hehe, just tell me about it:-P.


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