Tuesday, 28 May 2013

I've been...

I've been down in the dumps.
Struggling with fears.
Couldn’t get a grip on it at first.
Now I've learned to like it here.

Summer is here and how.
The sunlight is blinding.
You'll find me lurking in the shadows.
For the darkness is soothing.

Everything’s an effort.
What’s the point??? is the question.
For every step forward,
There are two taken back.

Do not worry, my fellow blogger and let me be.
I assure you I’m content in my misery.
There is no one, who knows me as well as I do.
I’m hoping to be back among you in a month or two.


  1. I've been

    I've been down in the dumps
    Because there is no post from you
    To check, every morning I do jump
    But nothing, not a word, yesterday too.

    Summer is hear to bake us all
    And we swelter under the blazing sun
    Minus the post, into despair we fall
    For, without Reflections, life is no fun.

    What is the point , you ask the question
    And everything's an effort, you say
    But your post is our hope of salvation
    For without it, unmade remains our day

    Do not worry, dear friend, we'll let you be
    But only for a while can you meander
    Soon you have to come back, for, you see
    We all love our N.... A......

    1. Ramesh my dear blog dost ur poem is without a doubt something I'll come back to whenever I'm in the dumps. Your friends are a very fortunate lot, for 5 minutes of ur company must be enough to kickstart their day into something special:-)).

  2. Omg I am sorry but I loved the above Ramesh's comment ..! And thats what we all readers want to say! Take care, Nancy.

    1. Don't be Anita...sorry I mean, I totally revel in these phases;-P. And agree, Ramesh's poem is totally special....it has this magical power to keep a person smiling throughout the day:-)).

    2. What Anita said :D Take care...

  3. Come back soon NANCY. We cannot be without your psots for a month or two.

  4. Take care and come back Nancy !

  5. "For every step forward, there are two taken back" - How accurately this describes my life :P

    Destination Infinity

  6. Ramesh, your poem is so nice..

    ohh.. Nancy, look how Ramesh can take away all the attention that you need.

    anyways, Nancy, like all your other blog mates, I would love to read your posts and will miss u like hell. please come back soon and take good care - love you ;-)

  7. Just a vagabond here, I wander
    Amidst my duties at home & office, that matter;

    Bloggers they, are too hard to keep away
    Just like everyone else, come back soon I'll say :)

  8. Take care & get back soon!!

  9. Take care and please do come back soon!!!

  10. Hugs Nancy. Come back soon. I am going to miss you..
    Hope this phase passes soon..We want the cheerful Nancy back soon. Pretty soon please..

  11. oh take care! hope the phase passes soon and God gives you the strength to bear it.

  12. nance, remember to take care of yourself first please. you have a habit of thinking of everyone and their well being all the time. just get some TLC and endure the summer doldrums.. there is no way out of it, so might as well enjoy what you can:-) whatever it is, i know you will come out of it since you are a smart girl. don't take too long as that won't help in any way. i know this for sure. but wallowing for some time is not too bad. do come back when you feel like it for your own pleasure ok. we will be happy with whatever you come up with.

  13. Take care.. get back soon..

  14. Thanks guys, thank you so much for your kind words, every word like a balm to my soul. I won't deny I was a bit low/lousy mood last month. Now I feel so so stoopid posting the note. But it had its benefits...look how much concern it generated;-D.

    I may not get back immediately but will be around. And I'll definitely post something to reflect my present mood:-))

  15. Hugsss! Glad u are feeling better now :)

  16. Hey Nance. how are you darling? Hope you have come out of what ever was troubling you. I was wondering why you were not posting and came to check on you. Loads of love and miss your funny posts :(

  17. I check into my blog mainly to read your posts. This too shall pass Nance. *BIG HUG* Take care.

  18. Take care Nancy! Stay well :)

  19. I am back after such a long time and looks like a lot has happening at your end. Now let me catch from where I left off on your blog. You doing okay?

  20. hey Nancy, It's the friends like you, the blogger friends who makes like seem so much light and easier and so full of laughter. Looking forward to reading your lively posts as usual , always, take care and come back soooon,waiting.....

  21. knock knock.. what plans for summer? also, any plans of visiting India somewhere first week of Dec? guess what's happening then ;-) **private comment**

  22. nance, hope you are relaxing. just wanted to tell you that chicken noodle soup is ready whenever you have time.


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