Sunday, 1 April 2012

My Last Post on Blogger???

I know it’s been like 2 weeks since I blogged last. But this time it’s not my fault. Blogger is once again giving me problems big-time.

What problems????

Oh don’t ask, alright you can ask but ask what is not a problem with Blogger;-/??? Seriously once the ‘one-to-one reply thread’ was in place I thought all my problems were over but I guess I’m jinxed; I mean there is no other explanation for this;-/.

It breaks my heart to leave here but….I have no choice. Just have no idea how I’m going to adjust to a new space after being used to Blogger for so long……;-(.

I had registered with worpress long ago when the Hitchwriter, Deeps, Swaram, Masood, Rakesh, Sakshi, Smitha and so many others had moved from Blogger to Wordpress. The reason I particularly mentioned all their names is because they all have at one time or the other advised me to move but I like always dilly-dallied. Now they are all going to laugh I guess;-(. Won’t blame them if they do coz I called them a lot of names when they left[like rats and traitors n stuff.......should have known, what goes around comes around;-/]

I’m still full of doubts but have decided to take the plunge. 

The only thing I'm sure of.....I’m still Reflections and will remain so.

Anyways here’s the new address:

Goodbye Blogger, I still love you;-((((((((

Take care,

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