Wednesday, 16 March 2011



  1. err.. I thought I would be getting to read that tag :)
    ofcourse we remember..i keep looking for u everytime i am in diera area :D

  2. Offcourse I do remember you and miss you :)
    Come back to regular blogging soon :)

  3. Awwww PG I missed u too;-D!!!

    Eh which there a tag with starts with err;-o.
    And Tara I keep looking out for you near the MOE;-D

  4. Aaaaah Chatterbox great to see U....where have u been all these days;-D

  5. We never forgot, to remember Nance ;)
    I came rushing here as soon as I saw the post on the reader :P Kangaroo will do too, but do say something more next time :P :P

  6. Heeee Swaram just testing the waters;-D

  7. Errrr good to see a goofy grin :D bhelcome back!!!

  8. Hooray; you're back !!

    Did you see Preeti's post today ?? You are being drawn back.

  9. Tanku, tanku Smitaji...feels good to be back;-D

    Awwww Ramesh U always know the right things to say;-D
    Preeti's post???? Going over to check it out right away;-o

  10. I do..! And Miss u ! Please come back !

  11. I'm back, I'm back...atleast I think I'm back;-D

  12. Hey !!!! How are u doing ??? Howz the girls ???? :) Special love and hugs. :)

    Thank God, u are back, even with pics or anything will do. :D :D :D

    Missed u.

  13. Hey Nancy,
    Where have you been all this while. I keep checking my blog list everyday just to see some post on your name. And today I was like wow.. And as always the pic made me smile. Do post the usual nancy posts. Missing them so much.


  14. hey you....long long time...hope uve been doing great!

  15. COME BACK..NOW...I mean right NOW..NOW NOW NOW *stompas feet and throws a HUGE tantrum* Ramesh cheers on :))

  16. welcome back!!....missed your posts for sooo long!!

  17. Who is this?
    WHO is this
    WHO IS this?
    WHO IS THIS testing the waters.

    I am not going to welcome you!!!! Because you ARE here already!

  18. Welcome back and I hope you are here to stay- sure do miss your updates.

  19. Chechiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii... I was just scrolling down in reader when I saw an update in ur blog... yay! am jumpin up n down... missed u so darn much... welcome backkkkkk...

    ps. you better be regular now that our hopes are high :D ;D ha ha...

    lots of love n hugs...
    You know who`

  20. @preeti di - lovely comment ;D :P

    chech, now that i have gone to wp i kina like it more than blogger... it helps us like comment n all you know... u shd come too cos all ur smileys will look all the more colourful... but u can be here too as long as u post something :P he hee`

  21. You dare to ask me that question?

  22. Are you satisfied with a couple of us loonies swooning over your donkey pic? Doesn't it show how much we missed you? sobs...I even put thoughtful missing comments on your FB wall na? No issspecial mention of all that love? where is the post?

    PS: SWAR that ain't a kangaroo my's a DONKEY! I am worried about your hyper hopping hormones my dear dear girl :( :(

  23. There has been much celebration around here since yesterday, noe that you are back....Please treat us with your posts compensating for all that we missed over the months....

  24. Uma: Doing good, thank U. So sorry I havent replied back ur mail, will do soon.

    Amrita: I'm banking on it;-D!!!

    Anusha: I wish I cd say I was totally busy but it was nothing like tht....just got caught up in the moment;-P. Missed all of u too:-)

    An Open Book: Not too bad actually, thank u for asking;-D

    Jane's Ire:Getting there slowly, thanks;-D

    Preeti Shenoy: LOL now I have no excuse but to put up something...Ramesh & U together are a deadly combination;-D

    Anon: Thank U, but u forgot to write ur name;-)!!!!

    Maddy, long time, how have u been;-D????

    Anjuli: Thank u, been meaning to write a mail for sometime now;-(

    Sulo my dear, if it werent for u and a few others I wd have still been thinking 'maybe next month';-D

    Wanderlust: No, no, no....never u;-D!!!!

    Sakshi: Howdy buddy!!!! U know whatever anybody else thought I knew u'd understand perfectly why I put this particular pic up;-D
    And for heavens sakes dont teach Swaram...dont u know by now tht she's 2 steps ahead of us;-o. She'll give us such dishgyaaao answers that we'll be forced to hide our faces for weeks;-(

    RS: Feels really good to be amongst good company....looks like the post I was planning to write next week has to be penned sooner;-o

  25. trust u to put up a donkey pic on ur return! :P

    soooo glad ur back!!! :)

  26. remember you and miss you. cmon start writing woman.. plaz!
    scribble :)

  27. goofy donkey !!like like...hmm nancy have thought of u n ur 2 girls very often..m too on a loooong break n jus stopped by tday..just..n saw the goofy guy..waiting fr posts about ur girls..

  28. Pls tell me you are here to stayand are back from your break. You have been missed soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much :-)

  29. So happy to see you back!!!
    Waiting for some words now :-)))

  30. Some of your loyal fans are still waiting for you to make a comeback!!! Where art thou?????

  31. This comment has been removed by the author.

  32. Donkey ....(Tht is Fav char. from movie shrek) ...and yes I do miss u ..a lot ...Plz get back to blogging. (Err.. do u rem'm this fan of urs)

  33. Sunshine: He's just not any donkey;-o!!!! And yeah it feels good to be back;-D.

    Scribble: Huh look who's talking;-/.

    Agnes: Yep...if it can be called tht;-D.

    MySpace: Good to hear from long-lost blogdosts;-D. It will be gr8 if u get back too:-).

    Dil Se: As of now hoping to stay on top of things but knowing me....;-P. I missed u all too!!!

    2nd Anonymous: Are u the 1st anonymous commenting again as the 2nd will I know if u dont put ur name or atleast an initial;-(.
    And yes I'm happy to be back too:-)!!!

    Nilu, I'm here yonly and this is my comeback post...u know, testing waters kinda parupaadi;-D

    Prabodh: Ofcourse I remember u....yae bhi koi poochne ki baat hai;-o????

  34. Okay... I am the second anonymous... you see, I was just too lazy to leave my name. But, am a big fan of your blog :-)))
    Don't want to show any laziness in commenting :-)

  35. Laila so happy to hear from u....u knw 'anonymous' makes me so terribly curious..well u see people generally go anonymous when they are making controversial comments & dont want to anybody to knw who they are. On my blog 'anon' is like an incongruous sight;-D. So thanks for telling me ur beautiful name:-)
    [Nancy exits blogger humming "Lailaa mein Lailaaaaa..."]

  36. nancy, nancy you are killing me:-)) just come back already!

  37. still testing?!!!! cmon! starting trouble i guess, you should be fine. hitch on!! :)

  38. Hiiiee Nancy! Welgum back :))

  39. Lan: Hehe.....okkkk jes gimme 2 minutes or make that 22 minutes;-D!!!!

    Vaidegi: U said it....starting trouble has troubled me all my life;-/

    Lostworld: Thaangue, thaangue;-D!!!

  40. Better Expressed than a post..!!! lol... Welcome Back!!


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