Thursday, 13 May 2010

Aaa bayle mujhe maar

I don’t have a single thing to tell you other than the fact that I’ve been cleaning and scrubbing and mopping and washing and rinsing and……..yeah, yeah I know you’ve heard it all before and its beginning to get boring listening to the same ole nonsense sad story again and again.

And oh to crown it did I tell you that I’ve got a cold again…all that working in the water you know;-(…ok…ok… I’m not, yet again going into detailed explanation of my symptoms.

But other than these 2 things I really have nothing to write about….infact my fingers are vigorously protesting against being forced into typing simply to fill the page.

Most of the time if I’m not complaining loudly about my misfortunes to the better-half I can be found using my broken vocal cords crooning & trying to needle him. Tell you what, I’ll sing a song….like I said I love singing when my throat is bad and walking around pretending to be a duplicate Usha Uthup. Now the thing is I have no clue how to upload it into blogger. Let me google it and see if it can be done. I know videos can be embedded but no idea how to make that video….in this case audio.

[An hour later]

You know it took me so much time to read up all the stuff on how to record and embed it in blogger. And guess what, when I'm adding the audio file what I'm doing is making a PODCAST....sounds hep huh;-D.

Goodness the things I do to make a post, I wanted to sing Dumaro dumaaaa but the thing is I just know the 1st 2 lines.....gimme some time.......

Ok here’s the song….now don’t laugh, it’s a very special song for the better-half & me actually. The very 1st [or was it the 2nd] wedding anniversary, the better-half and I spent it apart with me in Bangalore & he in Dubai. We were quite heart-broken naturally. When he called to wish me I told him to switch on the computer & play a particular file…….he called me back after sometime & the response was very gratifying;-D.

It’s a .wav file around 4.3mb, sorry it so big; I did try to convert it to an mp3 but the laptop kept insisting that the system administrator had to give permission[to download the software] & the SA is right now working hard to bring in the supper, somewhere on the other side of town;-P.
Ok go ahead and listen but before that I need to convince u that .....
...if u find the song off-tune, please go immediately and get checked up. I'm sure there's something wrong with ur ears.
...if u find the lyrics all jumbled up..... u r way out of touch with the new stuff, u bet I'm singing the latesht remixed version.
...and the trembling excitement in the voice, its pure stage-fright adrenaline, I assure u.

p.s: Honestly this is the best thing about blogging; I learn something new everyday:)

p.p.s: The few of you who’ve come here the 1st time & didn’t follow what I was rambling about I need to tell you that this post is a sort of continuation of a previous post…infact 2 posts.....yep its a never ending story;-P

p.p.p.s: The title is a proverb in hindi which loosely translates to...."U r asking for it"

p.p.p.p.s: Bring in the brick-bats gently…….if you didn’t like it, start of with “Nancy it was ‘nice' but......”.

[20 mins later....]

p.p.p.p.p.s: Ummm......the much-hyped podcast is not working........while I figure out how to fix it, u can listen to the song here[if u want to ie;-P].  

[a day later...]

I still havent figured out how to do it.....I mean the links are added as per instructions from 'Blogger Help' but it doesnt show on the main page, no idea why;-(. Is there anybody who can throw some light on this?????


  1. A simple musing from you is also worth a read with so much vifgour.. no wonder your blog is rated as one of the best.... where r your lil angels.. its been long since we've heard about them???

  2. Yay I am 1st!!!!! :D *does a chicken dance* ....

  3. Oh lemme tell u .. my maid hs a bad back and doc hs told her nt to work. So, I am sailing in ur boat too till I cn find another nice one :P So, cheers!

  4. @Swaram- U know what i have never felt this contended with my speed even after winning a swimming competition ;p *runs and ducks*...

  5. Sagarika and Swaram my dear blogger friends, if u have finished competing & conversing with eachother maybe u can spare some precious time and put me out of my misery by telling me how the song was;-/

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Oh was there a song too ;p ... *ok Nancy stop growling* - going back and listening! And yes my first comment was a compliment to make you smile.. but you ignored that :(

  8. No, no I savoured it....honestly but my impatience made me testy....shall I sing 'please forgive me' to apologise or do u want to make a run for it before I start;-D

  9. Nah it's ok Nancy I understand (the kind soul that I am) heard the song.. din't sound like a croon at all ... it good ... no wonder it yielded results ;p ... and yes there was evident adrenalin in the tone... but right now u do sound edgy.. go n get a 10 minute pedicure Nancy with a mush book lock yourself up in the loo... trust me warm water sucks away half the edginess through the pores of the foot... Don't Laugh!!!

  10. After reading this entire post, we find the song in that p.p.p.p.p.s ... hey ram!

    And Sagarika, huh really ;) ;)
    Humara bhi no. aayega ;)

  11. Okie wait .. lemme get a headphone nw!

  12. ur humour is rubbing off on ur commentators as well..and u know what...I tried downloading and my computer have to try again...i hope I will be successful next time. I am sure it must be nice...(tounge-in-cheek)

  13. @Sindhu: *looka around to see if Nancy is there - Nah no where so proceeds to whisper* - has your computer ever crashed before??? I mean while downloading a song??? ;P

  14. I'm right HERE!!!! Goodness I disappear for 5 mins and theres a conspiracy happening in my very own backyard;-S

  15. I luvvved the first one actually .. nt gonna give it here as ppl might miss the fun :P But, its awesome ;)

    And the 2nd one err hmm ..... its awesomeee Nance! U sing really well :)
    Btw, the gratifying response .. nthng more abt that one :P :P

  16. *sees Nancy* - *at top of voice to sindhu* - what? Your comp crashed! Do u even know what you are missing -
    @Nancy - that is what I meant - btw... Answer Swaram please... Puppy please

  17. ROFL Sagarika u r the limits....I've tears in my eyes laughing my insides out;-D

  18. Swaram thank goodness u commented on tht bit.....I was actually thinking of removing the link thinking I'm submitting my dear readers to needless all of u listened and didnt knw wht to comment;-(

  19. Purpose solved.. U smiling :)... Saved u from the pedicure too

  20. Thank U Sagarika....thank u sooo much;-))!!!!!

  21. Anytime.. I can train Naina and Nikita too to fill in the shoes when I'm not around.... Game?

  22. I know why Sindhu's Computer crashed. Definitely not because of the song...but that "gmmmk" laughter after the first everlasting song!

    You can give it a try in next Radiostar singing competition.( Suggested by Sagarika).

    @Sagarika- if you are wondering who is this....Can't we be friends when we could pull Nancy's leg.

    Seriously Nancy I was expecting Usha u'tups that base voice.But you sing very sweet.

    Thanks for sharing and making my(our) day. So you could be entertaining you during our blogger's meet. For your information...twitters meetings happening in town so often.

  23. @Maddy: Sure Sure ... (But I never even thought of Radiostar - now nancy will never hire me and I'll have to slog in office hmmppph!!!!) - But ya friends for sure but just that - If you wanna be my friend, you've got to give (leave comments on my blog that is), taking is too easy (my trip that is in the pretext of pulling Nancy's leg) but that's the way it is! ... u wanna .. u wanna :D

  24. @Sagarika...I was doing overtime with your wordgame TIRED and was really tired!!

    One thing I noticed in your profile is you are interested in photography....Check out my blog if you like any.

    Oh! No....hiding running away now. Nancy is there with both her hands on hip and looking...Hey Maddy, Is this place for you to chat with Sagarika!!

  25. @Maddy - Thanks.. but then I don't see any result of that overtime !!! ;P Stop maligning Nancy... she never glares at anyone for chatting here... she's a nice soul!!!! i tell you Nancy, people!!! (Maddy are there any reports of virtual killings being successsful, if yes then i better check out your photographs beofre it;s too late for me;p)

  26. Maddy, Sagarika....I'm not very sure wht Radiostar is all about but its something like a reality show, right????
    Seriously u wdnt say it if u knew me....I can stand behind a facade and ham it up but upfront I'm a mouse....I cant even stand in front of the husband and sing...why else do u think I recorded it earlier;-P
    Even now my fingers are itching to remove the link, just the fact tht u guys wont knw me if I walk past u on the street is giving me courage to stay put;-D

    And yeah, yeah carry on, butter-polishing gets u everywhere;-D

  27. Nancy it was nice but.......

  28. Just u wait....I'll get u someday Masood;-/

  29. Noooooooo Nancy don't remove it until I sing the first song when you cross me on the street!

    I am not kidding Nancy.Your singing is really good no doubt about it.

  30. Oh! forgot to tell, Radiostar competition is the Reality radio show conducted by Channel4 network here in Dubai. Two years back it was in Reef Mall and last year in Arabian centre.

  31. Finally the file downloaded and I got a pleasant surprise.
    You've got a very sweet voice Nancy (with full honesty) If you sound so melodious with a sore throat, I can imagine how wonderful your voice would be :D :D

    Loved the mischief going on in your comment ground and the ever naughty, a complete delight to read post :D :D

    Welcome to my world of "doing-it-all-on-your-own-in-winters"

    Take care Nancy and hope you get well soon :)


  32. See Nancy .... This show will not "show" you... So u can go ahead... Yay we want you on radio next season... What say people?

  33. Not able to download it,will let you know once am able to do so.

  34. aww that was so darn cute...and its one of my fav songs:)

  35.'s so awesome..
    people all around the world reading this post can listen to your voice. So exciting really :)

    P.S: By the way, song was cute :)
    I like the beginning the most :P

  36. Maddy: Oohhh I knw wht u r talking abt...a year or two back I had seen it happening in Reef Mall;-o. And thanks;-D!!!!

    Chatterbox: 'sweet voice' U r kidding right....oh wait lemme go chk if I put the kid's recording by mistake. No, seriously;-o
    But otherwise thanks for all the nice words u had for me;-D

    Sagarika: U my girl r good for the ego...ur clients must be re-hiring u again and again;-D.

    Ambulisamma: Take all the time u want;-D

    An Open Book: Its my favourite too & probably the only song I know the lyrics to....from start to finish ie;-D

    Swaram: Huh...after everything;-o

    S: Sheesh u r giving me the heebie-jeebies now...I'm going to have to dig a hole somewhere & hide;-o

  37. Nance, You sound wonderful! That was great!

    Although, I have to tell you this, Poohi came running when she heard twinkle twinkle, and was very disappointed that aunty did not complete the song :(

  38. Will listen to your crooning only on one condition _ A phamous multi talented blogger like you need to be on Wordpress to make your fans happy individually!!!

  39. Will listen to your crooning only on one condition _ A phamous multi talented blogger like you need to be on Wordpress to make your fans happy individually!!!

  40. Ayyo what you doing blogging like a maniac when you should be FILLING UP the Grammy Seats!!!!

    Gosh now I know one of the reasons why your hubby dotes on you...If I had a voice like that, am sure I could have sang my way out of all the troubles I get into with the better half....sobs!!

  41. Ayyo what you doing blogging like a maniac when you should be FILLING UP the Grammy Seats!!!!

    Gosh now I know one of the reasons why your hubby dotes on you...If I had a voice like that, am sure I could have sang my way out of all the troubles I get into with the better half....sobs!!

  42. What's damn wrong with my comments? Why do they always come in a set of two?? Is that an next I will have only twin kids? *shudders*

  43. What's damn wrong with my comments? Why do they always come in a set of two?? Is that an next I will have only twin kids? *shudders*

  44. Nancy that was awesome!! U betta not remove it till I can download onto my laptop...I just heard it on my phone @ work!! (see that's how much I love u!!!)

    u have a lovely voice dahlin & I love the song u chose! :)

  45. Very good read. Nice and funny...

  46. Reflection,

    Can you please use bigger fonts? I have hard time reading the smaller fonts. You don't have to change older posts though.

  47. These maids are a nuisance, first they make you addicted to them and then disappear:).
    Same is happenening to me too now -a -days:(

  48. you always have me laughing- even when you say you are ranting! :)

  49. Till the end I didn't believe it would be your voice recording. Lovely. My first reaction - You sound like John Denver!!! Btw, it IS a compliment..just saying!;-)

  50. Nancy, Its superb - the song, even if I started laughing that you are making a fool out of me by singing Twinkle twinkle....LOL !!! Its really u sing that for your hubby dear ?????

    Oh !! The trauma of maid-less days....find one soon. :)

  51. Okay point no1 - Sakshi aka Depp fan is right.
    You need to move to WP . ASAP! DI ya get that? Did ya?:P

    point no2- I am waiting for the file to download after which you will get mys precious comment :D:P

    Point 3 with all those pppppss I got lost

    okay ignore point 3 not really a point but then this aint really a comment.:P
    just something to fill this space with till I can listen to the song.

    Itching to listen to it.
    Till the next comment
    buh bye:P

  52. ye file hai ya file ka papa? waiting still...only 58%done?:O:O

    *taps foot impatiently*

  53. The file failed to download!!:((

    and no I am the last person to advise you on what to do..Technologically challenged and all that
    please put it up as soon as you figure it out.
    Maybe Vimmuuu can help?
    He has done it quite a few times.

  54. hey nancy.....niceee!!!!
    And I sincerely admire your will to drop in at my page and point it to me that its a year!! Well no excuses....lots of things happening around..but assure I will soon!
    though i dont comment...i still read each of u r posts till date!!

  55. was that you?? i got pleasantly surprised.. you have a good voice.. and rubbish! dint sound like a cold ad all ;)

    we want more.

  56. I cant hear it, Nancy!!! boo hoo!!! the file is not opening!!!! :(:(:(:(
    Let me go try again.
    But how super cute of you to record a song for the hubby :):) what song is it?? I`ll come back again if I can manage to download the song.

  57. If this is what we get when you loseeee your maid,may you never have maid again...(bindu running for cover)
    Seriously, Iloved it,especially that throaty giggle cum laughter, you sure do have a sexy voice!

  58. Nancy..I loved the laughter after the 'twinkle twinkle' song.. it sounded like a clear sparkle! And Annie`s song has always been a favorite! You have a great voice! The recording is lovely!! :):) How perfectly beautiful that you should record this song for the hubby :):) awesome!!

  59. Nancy!!!! OMG!!!!! I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    p/s: Where is Bins?? I miss her! And why is Scribble's blog private? Where is everybody? ...? ....?

  60. awwww - chechi! that was soooo cute n sweet of u to put this up... dont evr say u dont sing well... you gave a wndrful start to my weeken.. loved ur twinkle bit n the laughter that followed - typical "you" :) ;)

  61. Finally!!! I almost thought I won't get to comment with all the footage that ppl take here! :p

    OMG! Annie's song for Nancy?? It was errrmm...ahem...coool! Would you mind if I said I loved 'Twinkle, twinkle more'?...


  62. Where's my comment that I posted yesterday?

    Never mind, What I said was Only You could do this :D

    The inital few lines were nice, the Kids liked them :D

  63. Hahahah...I'm sure u wud talk and think just the way you shudnt be any different...:D You are full time entertainment !!!Lovely post.. and let me tell you...i have no idea about your doubt :(

  64. Smitha: Looks like the nursey rhyme was a hit everywhere;-D....mayb I shd give more thought in tht direction;-D

    Sakshi: I do have a page in wordpress but dunno why I'm reluctant to move from here....sort of feel like I'm ditching an old friend;-(
    Twins sound great to serious thinking is happening in tht direction huh, do keep us posted;-D.

    Sunshine: Hehe...u r sweet, girl;-D!!! I love the song too:-)!!!

    A: Thank U!!!!
    Sorry abt tht, have changed it now:-).

    Renu: My sympathies with u....its been almost a month and I still havent gotten used to it;-(

    Anjuli: Thank U....I thk;-D!!!

    Lostworld:Ooooh thank u...never expected the sore voice to get tht much attention;-o
    Maidless days are something I have to get used to...its against the law to hire one who is not sponsered by us;-(

    Indyeah: Yeah I got it....going to give it some serious thought...hate to leave blogger tho;-(
    Oh dont bother abt the link....its not tht important;-P

    Durga: Good to see U!!! And glad u havent completely left the blog-world:-)).

    ISH: well the nose was not blocked but my throat was sore...kasam se;-D

    Piper: Yeah I was mighty pleased with tht idea then & was worth it since the husband was flabbergasted;-D
    Loved ur compliment;-D!!!!

    Wanderlust: voice??? Goodness I better go chk tht video again, all of u seem to be hearing stuff I never recorded;-o

  65. oh baby I had to work so hard to understand what you are saying...being one of my laazzzy and dizzzzy day last I managed to listen to the audio, you did well and as I have been follwing Indian Idol for past few weeks, I am finding myself capable of judging you hahaha...and I was contemplating what will be Anu Malik comments to your singing ;)

  66. arre but how do I know what others are gushing about?:P
    aapki sureelee awaaz kais nahin sunoon?
    will try to download it
    I will be successful sometime soon :D

  67. Hi Nancy,
    Nice work there!!! Loved your singing. U sound partly like usha uthup though... :).. I should definitely laud Swaram and Sagarika for they have made this post more interesting. Expecting more from you guys :)

  68. What a lovely post :-) Did you finally manage to do it? Vimmu might help!!

  69. Wow! You really have a lovely voice. Really nice singing voice. Well done. I am sure the hubby must have been super happy hearing that. And even here your imicable sense of humour huh????

  70. Uma: Yep I really sang it when I was a young woman soppily in love;-D.
    Maidless life is something I have to get used to since its against the law to hire one who is not sponsered by us;-(
    Sorry I missed replying earlier;-P.

    Agnes: Thank U:-)!!!
    I guess u didnt read my comment in the prevous post[or was the one b4 tht]. Bins is fine...just terribly busy with summer hols[neha is home fulltime so u can take a wild guess;-D] + her internet is disconnected for some reason;-/. She shd be back in a week or 2. ISH is embarrased she hasnt been writing so she made it private;-S. I've given a proper dose but she refuses to budge;-(. Have to think of something else. Any ideas...I'm willing to anything a try...atleast once;-D

    Sulo Badri: Awwww....glad u liked it and thank U;-D!!!!

    Sparkling: Given by the response for the nursery rhyme I think if I ever run out of career options I can safely bring out an album for tiny tots;-P

    Rakesh: Dont wanna get into any arguments so I'll take it as a compliment;-D

    Anita: U r right abt tht;-D!!! And nobody has a clue abt my doubt;-(

    Sadiya: Anu Malik *shudder shudder* will probably yodel "Jaanam samjha karo, jaanam samjha karo[matlab u cant sing so dont try again]";-D.

    Indyeah: All I can say listen at ur own risk;-D

    Anusha: How have u been....good to see u;-))!!!! Thank u...atleast one person thinks I sing like UU...somehow the recording doesnt bring out the base bit; now I bet everybodys thinking I was just boasting;-(

    Pal: Thank U:-))!!! Nope I havent and how can I ask Vimmu. I havent ever interacted with him till today and I cdnt possibly suddenly go up to him and ask for embarrasing;-D

    Passinoate Goof: I dont about the lovely singing voice but hubby sure was very impressed;-D

  71. damn! im at work. cant listen to it but trust me im eager to :) cant wait to get back home.

  72. Nancy, I am one of the unlucky ones, I haven't been able to listen to ur sweet (presumably) voice, the wave file doesn't open in my comp. Ente samayam ethuvarayum ayyitilla...:(

  73. limenlemons: Even in real life I panic when I find people having expections from me;-o. Honestly its no gr8 shakes;-D

    Sindhu: Consider urself lucky really. For all u knw after listening u'd find urself thinking "Ithannoe valia kaaryam";-P

  74. for a second I was confused whether it's sagarika's blog or Nancy's ROFL !

  75. what a takes forever to download! just on that basis, i congratulate u on your powerpacked performance! :p

    how's you? still sighing after salman?

  76. what a takes forever to download! just on that basis, i congratulate u on your powerpacked performance! :p

    how's you? still sighing after salman?

  77. Please take a look


  78. Nance,when I heard that 'tinkal tinkal litttle star' I really you had made a fool of us! :) :)

    You sing really really well, Nance. You have a lovely voice. I hope I can come to Dubai real soon so I can hear you sing live!

    So this is how you sound when you catch cold,huh... you know I remember that episode of Friends, where Phoebe had a a bad throat which made her sound really sexy!! So much so that that she didnt want her throat to get better. Do you have any such plans for yourself?? :D

  79. Nancy, you dont sound like Usha Utup at all.. Your voice is great. I was confused when you sung twinkle twinkle little star.. Was just wondering why Nancy is singing this song. But that other song was awesome..

  80. Nu: ;-D

    Suma: Doing good, under the circumstances;-P. Salman K has been a part of my life for a long time now...I may not be sighing everytime I see him but he's been & always will be.....special;-D

    Vivek Patwardhan: U are too astute for words;-D

    Deeps: theres an idea. U knw sometimes I sing "Maana ho tum" by Yesudas[rememeber] and my husband will kindly pat me on the back and say "u can hold a tune but why do u insist on sounding like the singer". But for me thts the whole sound exactly like the singer;-D. which is why I waste no time when I get a cold;-D

    Kavya: Dont knw why but the recording messed with my voice. U must believe me when I say I sound like UU when I have a cold;-(
    But thank U...all compliments are gratefully accepted;-D

  81. the post really phunny! :D

    the 1st comments! :P

    the 2nd song...pretty cool...are u a trained singer by any chance? (no i'm not being sarcastic!!)

  82. Nancy.. u sided with Nu!!!!! Yeh din dekhne se pehle yeh dharti phat kyun nahin gayi!

  83. nancy, you do have a singing voice! next time upload when you are not suffering from a cold please. how is the domestic situation? hope you got at least a cleaning service.. we want you to post more and clean/cook less:-)

  84. Stop being hard on urself, u sound awesome. But the song brought an instant smile. Why?? Well, the Census guys are doing the rounds. And recently we read that they are not doing a thorough job and are handing it over for watchmen of buildings to fill up. So I thought that I could dedicate this song to the Census guys - You fill up my Census!!! Ha ha!!!

  85. Amrita: Heee....thanks;-D!!!!

    Blunt Edges: oooooh thts high praise coming from u;-o.
    Nope, no training whtsoever;-D.

    Sagarika: LOL aap tho exaggeration ke dept main mujhse bhi[mind u, I'm the best usually] aagae nikli;-D

    Lan: Great to have u back:-)!!! Hehe I dont sound half as ordinary when I dont have a cold;-D.
    Have been chking out a few agencies but for some reason I'm not very keen on keeping somebody unknown....but I know I will...have no choice do I;-(.

    Butterfly: ROFL...u r back with a bang huh;-D!!!

  86. Totally cool Nancy... You did start off really well and then ended very very beautifully ;)

  87. oh i miss you chech...

  88. Hi Nancy,

    Heard your song ... its almost a year since you posted it! Read all the comments too.

    You know what, when my son was in Kindergarten (1994 - 96) he used to sing Twinkle, twinkle with the following lines:

    Twinkle, twinkle little star;
    how I wonder Radio Star!!

    And your friends were suggesting that you go for the Radiostar program ... Uncanny!!

    And you killed me with the John Denver song ... its my fav Denver song ... particularly liked the Gamakas in your version!! ;))




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