Saturday, 31 May 2008

Are you Indian?

Nikita(6 yrs old): Mama, are u Indian?

Mama(confused): Yes, I'm Indian

Nikita: No you are not, we are are not.

Mama(has various answers but none she can express in front of children): So ok if I'm not Indian, then what am I?

Nikita: You are from Bangalore so u r Bangalorean.

Mama(heaves a sigh of understanding): Aaaah like that.

Mama(puts doubt in child's mind): But then you and papa are from Chenngannur*, so are u all Chennganoorians?

[last heard.....]

Nikita: Come Naina, lets go ask papa if we are Chengannoorians or Indians?

*Chengannur is a district in Kerala.


  1. He he he ! But what I did not get was why they thought they were Indians and u a bangalorean?
    Anyway, I miss the kids. Wonder when I can see them again. I am sure that it will be a riot when the three girls meet again.

  2. much confuuusing...

    i was a coimbatorean first, then a mumbaiian, then a kochiian and now a trivandrumian

    i think my brain's going to implode :|

  3. bins: They think that Kerala is India and anyplace outside Kerala is outside India:-P. I've tried many times to make them understand India is a big place & kerala is just one of the states. That moment they'll nod in understanding but 2 days later they go back to their old understanding.....that Kerala is India(typical frog in the pond syndrome;-D).
    My guess is that the concept of Country & state is still not clear in their minds(tho i take pains to give egs like how Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi are states(they r known as emirates here) in UAE).

  4. g-man: heehee. and God knws how many more 'iians' yet to follow.

  5. So you are a Dubain now? :P

    Cute one, it must be real fun to be around your girls.

  6. i posted a comment some time back and it got dc :/ did it get posted

  7. ISH: Nope, didnt see it anywhere. post it again:-)

  8. Sunshine: Its fun some of the time but mostly its a tussle :-P

  9. Hey Nance..(as they used to call Nancy Drew)... thanks for checking up on me while I was missing! It was work and an Oman trip! Back now.. :)

    About your post here, my daughter and her friend say 'my India' and 'your India'..for their respective states..

  10. LOL abt your India & my India.

    So, was the Oman trip business or pleasure? I just went 3 weeks back to a place called Khurram in Oman..that was a pleasure trip. Loved the place. Wht abt u?

    yep some friends call me Nance and in school they used to call me Nancy Drew:-P.


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