Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Not very musically inclined

Music never featured BIG in my list of necessities anywhere. But that didnt mean I didnt like to listen to it; I do enjoy listening, singing along, breaking into a jig & it never fails to cheer me up but after an hour or so I also feel the need to switch it off & breathe in the silence.

During School & College days I did have good collection of English & Hindi cassettes & even took the trouble to write down the lyrics to memorise some of them[u knw, rewinding & rewinding to catch the lyrics]. Somehow I never bothered with songs of the 80's or 90's; I just loved to listen to songs from the 60's & 70's.

Nowadays I'm completely out of touch, except for odd songs like 'Masakali' or 'Jai Ho' or a 'Pehli Nazar' otherwise I'm completely indifferent to whats going on in the music world but yes I'm still very partial to the songs of the 60's & 70's.

Renu tagged me to list 10 favourite songs in any 2 languages; I'm putting up my 10 favourite Hindi & Malayalam songs. Listing English songs would probably been easier but I just felt like putting up a list of songs I like from Malayalam movies.

I actually put together my list of both favourite & then noticed that Renu had specified "SOULFUL, SLOW AND MELODIOUS SONGS"

Renu, please forgive me but I just cant think of going back & doing it all over again....this itself took me ages especially the Malayalam songs.

So here goes,

My 10 Favourite Hindi Songs:

1. Jab Koi Baat Bigad Jaaye - Jurm
[always brings back memories of my college days when all friends would sing it together]

2. Rhimjhim Gire Saawan - Manzil
[this is an altime favourite song]

3. Ajeeb Dastaan Hai - Dil apna aur preet paraya
[love to watch picturisation of the song; a soulful number sung by a woman to her love who's newly married to somebody else]

4. Chookar Mere Mann Ko - Yaaraana
[Just love the song....always gets my heart thudding expectantly;-P]

5. Ek Din Bik Jaayaega - Dharam something
[an old favourite......the only hindi song of which I know the lyrics & I sang on the stage in school]

6. Kahee Door Jab Din Dhal Jayae - Anand
[Soulful, beautiful, melancholy......makes me think about life & its mysteries, Rajesh Khanna actually looks good here]

7. Naina Barese, Rhimjhim Rhimjhim - Who Kaun Thi
[I just know 2 lines from this song & I keep singing it whenever I want to placate Naina;-D. Naina pretends to go all huffed up but loves the attention]

8. Zindagi Ek Safar - Andaz
[I'm running out of adjectives actually....partial to it coz it was a favourite when I was younger]

9. Raat Kali Ek Khwaab Mein Aaayi - Buddha Mil Gaya
[No reason...I just like it]

10. Pal, Pal Dil Ke Paas - Blackmail
[perfectly captures the essence of love atleast according to my idea of it;-P]

10 favourite Malayalam Songs:

1. Enthinu Veroru Sooryodayam - Mazhayethum Munpe

2. Aaayiram Kannumai - Nokkatha Doorathe Kannum Nattu
[An old classic........more my mom's favourite. Whenever it was aired my sister & I turned up the volume & waited expectantly.....within seconds mum would come running to watch it & we'd grin at eachother.]

3. Kaarmukil Varnente - Nandanam
[A poor servant girl's agony portrayed so well by Navya Nair that it brings tears to the eyes]

4. Olathumbathu Unzhaalaadi - Pappayude Swantham Appoos
[An old childhood favourite which reminds me of my native place Kerala]

5. Mele Vellithinkal - Tanmaatra
[Beautiful....oh so beautiful]

6. Kaattu Veliyude - Tanmaatra

7. Parayaate Ariyaate - Udayananu Taaram
[yep u guessed right....bit of a Mohanlal fan]

8. Enthu Paranjaalum - Achchuvinte Amma
[picturises a mother's agony for an estranged daughter]

9. Kilukil Pamparam - Kilukkam

10. Manjakilliyude Moollee Paatunde - Kanmadam
[brings a smile to the face....I bet the old lady without teeth still cant believe her luck tht she got to dance with Mohanlal]

10.1. Ende Ammae Onnu Kaannaan - Nammal
[I just had to include this one. Its a song from a child[adult] to his mother yearning to see her........I cry whenever I watch or hear it...always:-(]

I tag

Now that I've finished with it I can get all nostalgic & say that I enjoyed doing the tag & am especially feeling very pleased about taking the trouble to pick out the Malayalam songs. My memory being what it is, I'm sure that I'd love to read all this back 10-20yrs later.


  1. nice selection:)

    [have heard to some of these songs some where or the other...]

  2. Ah I love old hindi songs too!!
    all of it!!

    ahh *same pinch*

  3. old mallu classics are the besttttuuuu :) great list... though, i wis you would have linked every song.... :P

    tag taken... thanks

  4. Wow! Enthinu veroru sooryodayam is my fav too... used to hum aayiram kannumayi in my schooldays when I was a big moydu fan:) kaheen door jab din dhal jaye is so so reminiscent. Lovely list, Nancy:)

  5. aaahh...love love old hindi songs !!!!!!! ur list had me recapping most of those songs :)

  6. I love 1, 9 and 10 :) Don't you also like Aaa chal ke tujhe mein leke chaloon ik aise gagan ke take ..' (From door gaan ki chaon mein)

  7. Brocasarea: Thank U:-))!!!

    Winnie: Same to same eh;-D!!!

    Ordinary Guy: I wanted to but did soem also but the effort was too much;-P. Looking forward to reading yours!!!!

    Naperville mom: Thank U!!! When r u going to put up the 100 things tag????

    Prashanthi: memories huh!!! So when r u going to put up the 100 things abt u tag?????

    IHM: Oh thts a beautiful one. I like it too.
    Ur page still closes down but nowadays I realise tht if I dont make any sudden movements I get to read atleast 1 post;-D. After around 3-4pagedowns it closes.
    Still its a marked improvement from b4. Heeeeeee!!!!!

  8. nice list! I know a few songs from the hindi collection, my fave being Pal Pal Dil ke Paas... :D now i'm gonna be singing that for the rest of the day heehee

    most of the hindi songs i know are from 70s or 80s maybe..somewhere around 90s, they all started to sound weird lol

  9. Don't know the Malyalam selection, but loved the selection of your Hindi songs. I can find 7 of my favourites in the 10 that you have listed...yes, Rajesh Khanna was a killer on the Bullet in that song Zindagi ek safar......., in Anand too. Saw all his movies in the early 70s.

  10. I LOVE each and every one of the hindi songs! Perfect list! :):)

  11. Nancy, I am in awe because I just finished a draft on this tag and came here to check that you posted the same and tagged me too. DI had tagged me when he started this for English songs but I chose to do all Malayalam and 'Aayiram kannumayi' and 'Enthu paranjalum' features in mine too.

    Enthu paranjalum is Peanut's fav. song because her grandma sings it for her.

    Karmukil from Nandanam is the song Chitra actually cried for real in the end while singing and then she learned that she was pregnant. She had been trying for ages.

  12. your tag reminded me that I have to do this one and yours too:))
    arre the 100 thing one is so revealing :D
    LOL!I dont want to do it but am tempted to:D(will do it:P)

    your songlist is awesome!!!

    each song is awesome!!!
    I love yur choice girl!:))
    after mandira's yours is the only tag that is so totally me:))

  13. Going by the hindi countdown I'm sure the Malayalam ones are equally cool, sorry can't comment on that though :)

    #1 & 10 are my all time fave's - can't seem to let them go away.

  14. I like almost all the Hindi songs u have mentioned too.I too used to love 'aayirum kannumayi' :) This list brought back memories. Usually i like all the racy catchy numbers :)

  15. Thanks for the tag!!! Have been wanting to write on music for a long time, now this gives me a topic :)

    I like your Hindi list - Raat kali will probably be on mine too, no clue which the Mallu songs are, though hubby will surely know.

  16. Nice list Nancy, You know once i used to play 4 and 5 on guitar and the last one was my fav. too, it so romantic and picturised also beautifully.

  17. i love your 10 selections, esp the first. the hindi ones of course.

  18. snow: I knw all abt tunes catching us unawares...I remember once I sang "Raat bhar jaam se jaam takrayegaa"[do u knw tht song] the whole day & my friends by the end of the day were so fed up tht they threatened to throw me out of the group. Then somehow I stopped myself...after 5 mins a friend was heard unconsiciously singing the same...how we laughed. The best part was I didnt really like the song;-S.

    JP Joshi: My father used to be a huge fan of Rajesh Khanna;-D....this superstar sure got to enact some amazing songs in his time.

    Piper: Heeee...u know wht they say; when ur taste match the another person's taste automatically tht person's got gr8 taste;-D

    Solilo: U knw I was going to tell U & Ajit to make sure tht ur tag SHD contain a list of Malayalam songs;-D.
    And oh such a beautiful story abt Chitra....incidents like this are so touching to hear.

    Indyeah: Thank U!!!! So u too are partial to old songs...I'll let u into a secret; u knw I try to play these old songs so tht kids grow up hearing these slow melodies & get attuned to them. All this shadayantra is rachafied hoping tht as they grow up they'll lean towards slow music instead of the dinchacks variety;-D

    Still thinking: Oh yes they are beautiful aren't they????Nowadays we get to hear them so rarely:-(

    Preethi Shenoy: I guess we love some songs not just for the song itself but for the memories they automatically invoke:-)).

    Shalom: Awww...was hoping u'll do a fav Malayalam songs list.
    Try!!!!! Seriously till today I didnt really give it much thought...so out of curiosity I took it up & am happy I've done it;-D

    Renu: Wow really, u play the guitar????? I so am in awe of people who can draw music out of an instrument:-))....I can simply watch them for hours.

  19. Absolutely super list of hindi songs. Some of them are my favs too - the kishore kumar ones.
    Hey ! I am humming one right now.

  20. A: Seriously I'm quite surprised tht so many of the comments show tht they all identify with my selection.
    In college among 8 of us, I was the only 1 who liked these songs & used to get ribbed all the time for my preferences;-P

  21. Umas: Oh I used to love Kishope Kumar's voice & songs.... especially the yodelling he did. I remember sitting in front of the tiny tape recorder we had & praticing the yodelling in "Zindagi Ek Safar". And u knw wht...I used to do it pretty well too;-D.
    Now see wht u've done....I'll be yodelling away for the rest of the day now;-D

  22. im so amazed i actually recognized 8 out of the 10 hindi songs that u mentioned...but then again those r really beautiful songs!!! we used to love singing them while playing antakshri as a kid...ohh now i def hvto go hunt for them online to listen! :)

    somehow i think the new songs that release dont have the same charm...i def doubt people will be singing them nostalgically 15-20 yrs down the line...

    or actually u neva know...i could be this kool grandmom who shakes her booties to "Maaiya Maaiya"!! :D

  23. Loved the list...Most of the Hindi ones brought back memories and are my favs too. And Malayalam, ohhh, so good ones, feel like listening to them!

  24. kickass playlist.. ofcourse i know the hini ones u have listed.. and i like most of them.. rimjhim gire saawan is my al time favorite and infact was humming it yesterday.. the weather in dubai these days u see:)
    oh i feel like antakshari now.. and some hot pakoras:)

  25. Niiiiceeee list :)

    Love a few of them myself :)

  26. Nancy, I hardly know any Mallu songs. We used to watch a lot of Mohanlal films as kids (I have inherited my khandaani bias against Mamooty), then there was this whole long break for many years (with the only exception being the very brilliant Manichitrathazhu (hope I spelt it right)). Post marriage, I've seen a couple more recent films, but all Dileep comedies. So I seriously have very lil idea about slow, soulful Mallu songs (although thinking about it gave me one melody that I am absolutely in awe of - I will put that up in my tag).

  27. Sunshine: Agree with U.."i doubt people will be singing them nostalgically 15-20 yrs down the line"
    LOL'ed at the image of the 'maiya maiya' coool grandma:-D!!!!!!

    Sindhu: When I started out with the tag, except for 2-3 songs I had no clue which else I liked. Then I went hunting for specific movies[mostly Mohanlal's] & soon my 10 songs were up;-P

    Ish: Heee...u knw tht song automatically starts playing on my lips as soon as I spot a drop of rain;-P.
    I feel like anthakshari too...ages since I played last;-(

    Smrithi: Thank U:-))!!!!! Did u show tht comment to ur sister??? Tell me I didnt waste my time writing tht huge comment!!!!!

    Shalom: U knw I was just like U....knew only Mohanlal, Mammooty & Shobana from Mal cinema. But now after marriage I know even all the supporting actors names...Hubby is a big fan u see. I have even started finding the comedy funny now;-P
    Dont forget to put up tht song U like....infact keep looking I'm sure u'll find others.

  28. The list is good. I am not surprised that you don't listen to music like u used to. They don't make them like they used to.

    I was never inclined towards poetry and when they used very poetic words, they have lost me immediately. That is why i was never able to listen to mal songs like that.

  29. Wonderful choices,Nancy!I had literal gooseflesh while reading the names of the songs,both hindi and malayalam.Rimjhim Gire sawan is one of my favourites too.So is Endinu verory sooryodayam.Aayiram kannumaayi has a special place in my heart because that is the song I sang for the very first time on stage,when in school...I was 5years then!!And even now I get all teary-eyed when I hear the song.
    I have to admit this was one tag I was hoping you'd have tagged me.But alas!!...*sob sob*
    Just kidding,N...I know you must have thought I was busy at home front.And honestly I am a little pressed for time.But I'll surely do the tag when I'm back even if I've not been tagged.I loved it totally:)

  30. Bins: Oh yes poetry goes over my head too....and seriously they dont make them like they used to:-(
    Umas tagged u...why is it not up yet?????

    Deeps: Wow...u sang tht beautiful complicated song at 5 yrs!!!! I can just imagine a younger deeps standing on the stage;-o....beautiful song that is really.
    So sorry Deeps...since u hadnt posted the 100 questions tag yet, I assumed u would be too busy.
    But I shd have remembered u were musically inclined....so I make amends & have added ur name in the tagged;-D.

  31. m here to tell u that m bak in blogosphere, wud love to have u read my latest post and leave ur valued comments! :)

    and i promise i ll be a good gal n do ur pending tags soon .. plzplz add me to future tags ...

  32. ooooh.. thanks for tagging me on this one!!! I LOVE old hindi songs...and being a die hard Mukesh fan, I guess soulful melodies are many...I hope I can stop at 10... there are ever sooo many!!! :(( And the Malayalam melodies you have mentioned..some of them are my favourites too... I can give you the names of those movies which you have missed out! ;)Shall do this tag right away...

  33. I don't know a word of Hindi but am very familiar with numbers 5, 6 and 8 cos my Dad used to play them often.

    Your Malayalam list though is kick ass!!!

    No.1 is "Nokkatha Doorathe Kannum Nattu", a Padmini-Nadhiya movie, where grandma is reunited with her dying grand-daughter.

    No. 4 is, I think, Mammooty's "Pappa-yude Swantham Appoos"

    No. 10 is I think "Nammal" with Suhasini - not sure of this.

    It's SO difficult to make a Favourites list when it comes to songs...but your number one is also mine: associated strongly with a happy childhood. Also, I heard it was composed by my college senior's dad.

  34. I really can't comment (don't know any of the songs) but I wanted to comment anyway so here we go.

  35. Former Sansmerci: Happy to see u back:-)).

    Wannabewriter: If u notice....u r the only 'old' blogger I have tagged. I remember reading abt ur interest in music [esp 60's & 70's] in 1 of ur posts.
    Put it up soon!!!!!!

    Shades of Grey: Thank U so much for the movie names. So thoughtful of U really.
    And I'm sure the last one is Nammal coz the song was sung for the character Suhasini played as mother.

  36. Agnes: Awwww.....U are sho shweeet:-))!!!!

  37. wow!!! lovely... you had me singing in office because Wannabe told me you did a very nice tag and she was right!

  38. Hey nice post.. You may want to read my latest post to stop feeling that music can bore after some point. There is so much of experimentation going on in music with every turn of the day.

  39. Whoa! You just rearranged your whole list :O) ...listening to Ayiram Kannumai as I type this :O) ...sigh...

  40. Nance,you're a sweetheart!Thanx a ton for tagging me.Will surely do it.If possible will do it while in India:)

  41. first time here... from Tara's blog !

    Nice collection of hindi songs... !!!

    a lot of them are my favourites !

  42. Colours: Thank U!!!!!!! I enjoyed doing the tag.
    Waiting to read urs;-D!!!!!!!!

    Niedhie: Music doesnt bore me but it does get too much for me after some time & then I need some quiet.
    Ofcourse I'll be over to read ur post;-)).

    Shades of Grey: Based on ur info...I edited the post to include the film names. Thank U!!!!

    Deeps: Waiting to read ur choice of songs:-)).

    Hitchwriter: Nice 2 meet U:-))!!
    And Thank U!!!!

  43. I like almost all the hindi songs you mentioned here;-) All time favorites they are!! Have not listened to that many malyalam songs though:(
    It sure brings back memories of that particular stages of life:-)

  44. Nancy, though I am not tagged, I think I will do this too, like you said it will be great to read this after a few years...And I want to read your pregnancy stories so tagging you there...

  45. Nancy,

    Nice list!! Donno abt malyalam songs, but the Hindi list is simply superb!! Could completely relate to the Hindi list esp the Kishore da's Raat kali,Pal Pal, Zindagi,Chookar... Literally these are timeless classics:)

    Thanks for tagging Nancy! Would you mind if the rule's broken n 20 fav Hindi songs are listed? ;-))

  46. Nice list

    Just stumbled here while searching for bloggers from dubai.Read couple of post so far and loved 'em.
    Now you have another regular here :)

  47. Durga: Thank U!!!!
    And U r sooo right....each of those songs bring back memories of particular stages of my childhood:-)).

    Sindhu: I've included ur name in the list of tagged. Waiting to read both ur pending tags now;-)). And thank U for tagging me.

    Shayari: Go on then...list them all. Since u are not listing songs from anyother language, 20 songs in hindi is perfectly legal;-D.

    Sumi: Thank U!!!!! I'll never tire of hearing that kind of compliment;-D.
    U r most welcome here!!!!!!

  48. Nancy. I "stole" (borrowed?) your profile picture to create a link to your site. Please don't sue me.

    Also please let me know if I can add "Reflections" or "Nancy" or "Nancy's blog" or something to the link.

  49. I so want a new post from you!!

    where r u??

    Btw I am moving to wordpress.. so next time you visit my site it would be on wordpress

  50. First time here. Loved ur list of Hindi songs. I had done this tag too sometime back :P

  51. Agnes: Hey no problem at all...as long as u dont put Nan or Nanny, I have no problems;-P

    Winnie: Wordpress huh??? Everybody is moving to wordpress nowadays. Rite ok...will wait for ur new link:-)).

    Swaram: Hi...how are u:-))????
    And thank U:-))!!!!!!

  52. Sorry Nancy..will do the tag soon..m already humming rimjhim gire saawan sulag sulag jaye man...n ilove ajeeb dastaan hain ye..n pal pal too..good selection..cant comment on Malyalam ..dnt knw the lang but m sure theyd b good...

  53. @nancy: "nanny"??? huh? LOL
    well, I think it turned out great, hope you like it :-)

  54. Agnes: I just love it:-D!!!!
    Am honoured. Thank U!!!!!!!!

  55. Nancy, I share the same sentiments about music.. I too love the silence after listening to music for an hour or two. #1,3,4 are my hindi faves. As for Malayalam songs you hit a spot, I am listening to #2 (teary eyed), #3 (bawling loudly) #4 (lovely, I love Shobhana!!) #8 (regretting things I put my amma through) #9 (good old childood days) I also was listening to Ariyathe Ariyathe
    (Ravanaprabhu) which was my beloved gramas favourite. Thanks so much for this post!!

  56. i don't knw much abt U'r Hindi songs.But love the malyalam collection...especially 1,3,7,9,10.love 2 add 2 more to your list 1. nilavinte neela bhasma(agnidevan) and vennila kombile(Usthad) :)

  57. Thethoughtfultrain: LOL loved ur explanation with each song.....and thank U so much for the comment:-D

    Anishthomas: I too like vennila kombile but I'm not sure abt nilavinte neela bhasma...maybe if I hrd it I'll remember;-))


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