Wednesday, 14 January 2009

A long Pending TAG

A, Deeps, Sansmerci & Spontaneous Mini have tagged me.

At first, a dial-up connection prevented me from attempting it but now my ADSL is giving me more trouble than the dial-up. Aah anyways here it is:

The rules states that for every answer one has to do a Google Image Search and paste a picture from the first Google Image Search page with minimal explanation. So here goes....

1. The age you will be in your next birthday: will turn 35 this month
…..I’ve been dying to tell you guys this for sometime now. But just couldn't blurt it out could I???? I get the feeling many of you think I’m atleast 43:-S.
Though Pink is the last color I would choose to wear, I loved the picture. And for the many young fellas who walk in here & pull my leg, once again I repeat, I believe I'm in my prime...nothing you say will convince me otherwise:-/.

2. A place you'd like to travel to: New Zealand
Everything about this place fascinates me. The googled picture is of New Zealand's Rugby team & they are doing the HAKA Dance…before the games start, they will dance the Haka first. It is like an intimidation technique to scare the opponents. Cool huh:-D!!!!
Quote from wiki: A haka is a traditional dance form of the
Maori of New Zealand. It is a posture dance with shouted accompaniment, performed by a group.

3. Your Favorite place: The living room.
The scenario: After dinner, with my feet up on the sofa, nibbling on some dessert, catching a late night movie leaning against my better-half.
p.s: My living room look nothing like this:-(

4. Your favorite food/drink: Chicken Biriyani.
Any Indian Restaurant I go for the 1st time, I ask for CB for sure. And if tht CB is good then I know we'll be going there again:-D.
Drink: Prefer Mocktails.
....I'm not partial to any one but am particular that there shouldn't be any traces of banana in it.

5. Your Favorite pet: German Shepherd.
....We had 2 of them once upon a time...Toothie & Cookie. I absolutely adored them & cried buckets when they died. One died after she swallowed a marble. She was our first pet & when she died we were heartbroken. The other lived with us for 12 years & died of old age.

6. Your favorite color combination: Blue & Green
....It could be clothes, food[more like drinks], nature.....I just love the combination & drink it in with my eyes. I try to take a picture but it never ever matches upto the original.

7. Your favorite piece of clothing: Blue Jeans & a white shirt.
This is not the exact picture I would have chosen normally as an ad for Blue Jeans & white shirt. But when this picture came up I simply couldnt NOT put it up. Princess Diana took me back to my school days where we used to devour news of her in the foreign magazines. She was the ultimate Fashion Icon in those days.

8. Your all time favorite song: Annie's Song by John Denver.
I first heard this song when I was in the 6th-7th standard & loved it. Though not a polished singer as such, I sing this song very well....ummm atleast I'd like to think I sing it quite well. The funny thing is, for a long time I thought it was a hymn and the 'You' in the 'You fill up my senses' was God:-D.

9. Your favorite TV show: Nigella Feast on Travel & Living.
Do any of U watch it??? My kids found this program by chance....this is the One show, all of us watch together & nobody asks to change the channel. She is just too good & makes cooking so just easy. The kids after watching a couple of shows asked me whether I would mind if they went to live with Nigella Feast... I was a bit rattled & couldn't think of an answer immediately. So I merely contented myself by correcting them "Her name is not Nigella Feast, it's Nigella Lawson"

10. Full name of your significant other: Biju Thomas
....When I googled this name a lot of visages came up...seems like there were a lot of Biju Thomases out there. This picture is of a book which was written by another Biju Thomas.
……And no, I’m not Nancy Thomas…I’m still Nancy My father’s Name:-D. not like what U know, feminist & all that. It just happened that changing the name in the passport was one tedious process. And so the Sir name just stayed that way. I for one was secretly pleased;-D.

11. The town in which you live: Deira.
....Dubai is basically divided into 2 cities- Bur Dubai & Deira. And the two is separated by this creek[the water you see in the pic]. Long ago I think people would travel by boat from Deira to reach Bur Dubai. Now ofcourse we have the Maktoum Bridge & the Floating bridge to help us get across. But even now the quickest way to reach across is by the abra[boat].

12. Your screen name/nickname: Reflections.
....I'm pretty pleased with this picture I got. Its beautiful isn't it?? An iceberg incase u cant figure out what it is. It gives out 2 ofcourse is the reflection itself & the other is a fact which is known is said that only one-tenth portion of an iceberg is above water.

Even the Blog world is like an iceberg isn't it......we all 'think' we have a general idea of what the rest of us are like.... which is based on the posts which we read. But I feel even after years of posting & bonding together as blogger friends there is so much we will not find out about eachother.....we'll only know what the Blogger wants to tell us. Quite a disturbing thought actually:-(.

13. Your First job: Training Coordinator
...At a Multimedia Training Centre. It was a job which happened by chance. When I joined there I never intended to stay for long. But I ended up staying there for 2 years & left only because I was getting married & moving away to Dubai.
The picture I have put up here bears no resemblance to the nature of my job but I took to it immediately. Infact I was thinking if my dream job wasn't that of a librarian, I would have liked to become a fire fighter.

14. Your Dream job: Librarian
……yeah boring I knw, but I always wanted a job where I could spend the entire day with books. In my school days I used to think the librarian was the luckiest person in the whole world. I had decided then when I grew up I would become one. In between college years I had forgotten all about it. Then after completing 1 year of postgraduation in Literature I came across an ad for admissions for Library science. You wont believe how much I kicked myself for not remembering my original career decision. I still nurse a desire but as far I know there is no correspondence course in it.

15. Bad Habit you have: Procrastination.
...I write a list of grocery items early in the morning but by the time I call the supermarket it will be evening. Seriously...I dont know how that happens. I even remember going to pick up the phone to call but I get distracted. The distraction could be the doorbell, a phone call or even a pencil lying on the ground. By the time I finish answering it or picking it up & putting it in its place I would have found something else there & gone to fix that.

16. Your worst fear: Getting mugged.
...I'm paranoid about this. I hate to walk alone after dark. If by chance the street is lonely & somebody walks behind me, all sorts of wild thoughts run through my mind. As I hurry towards my destination, my mind will be busy analysing how best to block the attack + how much money I'm going to lose.

17. The one thing you'll like to do before you die: Pray
.....I know a lot of people who want to die in their sleep or die without delay. While I do want to leave the world without suffering, I do not want to leave the world without speaking with Him first. Now most of U will think I'm some kind of religious really...I'm just safe guarding my interests:-D.

18. The first thing you'll buy if you get $1,000,000: A 2nd house for my parents.
....This house will be located in Kerala their native land, so that they have the best of both worlds. They live in Bangalore presently but the winter season is not very kind to them. I keep thinking....if only I could do something about it.

Yeah I know the TAG rules mentioned minimal explanations. When you know me better you'll realise that I specialise in the opposite.
And I'm in a generous mood today....... so I TAG everybody who has not attempted it yet.


  1. Nice pics...and was this minimal explanation?? :P

    I love Chicken Biryani too..and I used to watch Nigella Feast a while ago when I was into the discovery travel n living craze...Librarian?? Oh that'd be an amazing job :)

    Should I take this up?? Still havent got workin on Shalom's :( Tempting...needs a lil more pondering :P

  2. loved going thru ur answers. I watch nigella feasts too. she's fascinating!!

  3. Hey!
    From my corner. This tag was nice and quick.
    Lovely descriptions.

  4. i love this tag! i think i tagged u too? anyway good one enjoyed it :)

  5. ohh i like this tag n luved ur answers! u get to know a lot about the other person with this one! :)

  6. ohh n i always thought being a librarian was the best job in the world as well! to forever be surrounded by all those wonderful books!! :)

    I dint even know there was a degree called Library Science - thats so koool!!

  7. Yeah, we belive you, you're in your prime :-/ Heard the one about women and wine??? And chicken biryani is actually heavenly... My wife makes awesome Chicken and Mutton Biryani :) Outside, I just love Delhi Darbar's version and even 800 Biryani is not bad. And ICEBERG? hmmm - I always used to think our college librarian was like an iceberg - Behind that spectacles and simple dead face was a wild animal ;-) (Yeah, I know... but I was 19 c'mmon)

  8. Smriti: Come on...take it up & u dont have follow my way...the original states minimal this makes it all the more easy;-P.

    Mumvai Diva: Wow Ur screen name sounds queen-like & grand...I sort of feeling like bowing to give some respect:-D.
    Thank U for visiting me!!!!!!

    Spontaneous Mini: Yeah I was under tremendous pressure to see it thru....& u were the straw tht broke the camel's back:-D.

    Former Sansmerci: After reading ur comment I went & sorry I didnt see but now I do remember u had tagged me sometime back. I immediately made revisions in my blog post to include ur name to show how contrite I am about the mistake;-D. Say u forgive me??????

    Sunshine: Yeah a TAG always reveals a lot about a person which we otherwise dont get to know.
    And yeah there is a degree which u have to clear to become a librarian & many people have told me tht it is quite a tough course to clear;-o.

    Rakesh: Wow U r a lucky guy...I still dont know how to make CB 'properly'. Eachtime I try, it has a different taste...not that it is bad...but u knw... it's different;-P.
    I too am partial to Delhi Darbar & India Palace CB...haven't tried 800Biriyani yet.
    @iceberg...I'm amazed at how ur mind relates one topic with the other:-o

  9. wow..i like the've got really nice and bright ones :). I loveeeeeeeeeeee's to die for. btw, blue jeans and white shirt was my uniform during the engg days :)

  10. was fun going through it!And hey Deira ia not a town! ;)

  11. A: Yeah the pics are bright & cheerful isn't it...thanks:-D.
    And this blue jeans & white shirt... it is the easiest choice to look both tasteful & casually elegant:-P.
    @CB, I love to eat it from a small joint or at a good restaurent.
    I still dont know how to make it well....even after 10yrs of cooking I'm still mixing & improvising:-S

    Deeplydip: After u told me that Deira was not a town I went & chked ur answer....U've written Dubai huh!!! But even Dubai is not a town it is an emirate:-D.
    I think my answer is correct...Deira is more correct than Dubai.
    btw where are u located???? Burdubai or Deira:-D

  12. I get the feeling many of you think I’m atleast 43:-S…

    ……I thought the other way….34!!!

    Any Indian Restaurant I go for the 1st time, I ask for CB for sure……

    Did you try Buhari restaurant,Anjappar,Ponnusamy, The d Garden’s in Ghusais??? Mention my name, for sure discount is there( Not for you,on my next visit I will ask for discount for marketing their outlets!!LOL)

    Blue Jeans & a white shirt……Taken note of that…let me keep my eyes open if I could see you around…

    whether I would mind if they went to live with Nigella Feast... I was a bit rattled & couldn't think of an answer immediately. So I merely contented myself by correcting them "Her name is not Nigella Feast, it's Nigella Lawson"

    hahahah! That’s Nancy’s trademark reply.

    And so the Sir name just stayed that way. I for one was secretly pleased;-D…………….okay We are not going to tell Biju!!!!! Bijuuuu…..are you listening???????

    The town in which you live: Deira

    My place of work is almost there in the picture!!

    I would have liked to become a fire fighter………

    Mr. Tamim…………(Police chief)…You have a prospective candidate!!

    I still nurse a desire but as far I know there is no correspondence course in it.

    Oh!!! I asked God, How can I add few “heaven miles”” point??. He said, help Nancy with this link……
    check item VII.

    Your worst fear: Getting mugged.

    Hahahahah! Oh! That was you who was running like an Olympic sprinter otherday!!!

    Anyways that is a fantastic reflection,…. sorry revelation

  13. " I was thinking if my dream job wasn't that of a librarian, I would have liked to become a fire fighter".

    Nancy again at her wittiest best.

  14. Ok, so your birthday is coming up!! When when when??? Happy Birthday in advance.

    Loved your wit, especially about your daughters wanting to live with Nigella Feast. He he he. Good one lady, you crack me up as usual.

  15. Enjoyed reading ...thanks for sharing.....

  16. Nice tag!Interesting... great pics...and good that you was fun reading! :D
    Will also do it I you really get such good pics when you google?

  17. Nice tag!Interesting... great pics...and good that you was fun reading! :D
    Will also do it I you really get such good pics when you google?

  18. When I read the title of your blog, There was this "oops" look on my face. As I was reading, I was kinda secretly hoping that you have not given up me with regards to tagging. Now I am really hoping that I can manage to finish this tag and actually put it up. OOOPPPSSS!!!!

  19. Maddy: U r right....I am 34. Its only on my next b'day where I will be 35.
    Nope haven't tried Buhari...Good huh????? And very funny abt the discount...for a moment there I thot U owned them or something:-D.
    And THANKS for the link...its certainly helpful....will be checking it out.

    Balvinder Singh: That is not is over active imagination....u knw I even wanted to climb the Himalayas once upon a time;-P.
    And Thank U!!!!!!

    Goofy Mumma: I'm Aquarius:-D!!!!
    Born on a special day in the last week of January:-D.

    Sukku: Thanks U:-))!!!!

    Wannabe: Thank U!!!!
    Ofcourse U get...but not on the 1st try;-P

    Bins: Yeah I knw...atleast now put up the old ones...if u remember which ones i.e;-P
    And no, I have not given up...if u will kindly remmeber I never gave up on U even when stopped blogging for a while.
    ...I never stopped believing, I only started nagging:-D.

  20. what a fabulous post! The interesting part is that they are quite similar to what mine would be :-)) The pink hottie pic is hilarious!! So is the image of a team dancing away to scare the opponents! :-)) very entertaining.

  21. Piper: Thank U!!!!!!!
    "The pink hottie pic is hilarious!!"
    U knw it reminded me of the 80's vamps in Hindi movies....Bindu & her types but more classy ofcourse;-D.
    And yeah even I liked tht pic very much, thts why I chose it over the usual scenic pics of New Zealand.

  22. Nancy for your birthday we are arranging a special parade by our armed forces and by the cultural troupe of all states at Raj Path in Delhi and at all prominent places in the state capitals. Will send you wishes on that day. Have i guessed correctly ??

  23. hey, loved the way u have done the tag.. i did this too sometime back and it was fun..
    i too love chicken Biryani and if u ever happen to visit b'lore i'll tell u of a place where u get the most awesome biryani of all...
    thanks for visitng my blog.. see u around..

  24. entertaining as usual:) white tee and blue jeans is my favour combination too, but on others like my children, it looks lovely.
    me too wud have loved to be a librarian:)
    and iceberg....that is so true and sometimes scaring also, becuase after some time u start feeling connected to the blogger friends:)

  25. Balvinder Singh: Were u by any chance with the FBI???????
    Yes and every year I get up in the morning & the 1st thing I do is to switch on the TV to Doordarshan Channel on tht day..
    Vague huh:-D!!!!!!

    Iya: Thank U!!!! Yeah it was fun but a lot of hard work;-P.
    I used to love the CB at Nagarjuna's but nowadays I knw lots of new joints have opened up so I sure cd use the info:-D.
    And thank U for visiting my blog!!!

    Renu: Thank U!!!!
    U knw, u r the only one who commented on tht point...I wondered if anybody would take notice:-D

  26. yes no doubt..both tasteful and elegant in their own way...and thank god for the uniform and when i say uniform, I mean it's a formal dress code imposed by the college and not my choice of daily wear :D. how awesome nay

  27. Hi! What a world of information :). Are you originally from Kerala? I heard a lot about the summers there but havent visited. One day...

    Hey, 18 questions are a bit too long but will pick 10 questions and give it a shot. Any suggestions? Sounds like fun!

  28. A: Hey...seriously the college sounds awesome...with tht simple rule they've eliminated a lot of....u know wht I mean:-P

    The Idle Devil: Yep I'm a malayalee as in Keralite but brought up in Bangalore...but I did spend all my summer hols in Kerala. The summers are HOT & humid. But the place is lovely, rustic, scenic....I can go on:-)).
    Not fair...u've got to do all 18. Its a TAG & its supposed to be followed to the letter. Well ofcourse u r allowed to tweak it here & there like I did;-D.

  29. I answered 8 questions...The remaining go up tomorrow. Quite a bit of work! :)

  30. That is an elaborate tag. And you say that is not even the tip of the iceberg :). Thank you for visiting my blog and it was a pleasure visiting yours

  31. I forgot to mention...owning a bookstore or a library was my favourite job too.

  32. Wow!Very nicely done,Nancy!I'm sure it must have taken a lot of your time and energy.But wasnt it fun??

    And Chicken've got me drooling..I love it too:))

  33. Nancy, c'mon, it does not need an FBI brain to guess what is the special day for an Indian in the last week of january :-))

  34. The Idle Mind: Yep, chked it out & commented too:-D. Yeah I guess all book lovers dream abt having tht as a career atleast once;-P.

    Roopa: Oh yes it is a lot of work....but nice to see up once it is done.
    And thanks for visiting:-D!!!!!!!

    Deeps: Oh yes it took ages to put it up....on top of it I never liked most pics:-P.
    But once it was done, I loved it:-D

    Balvinder Singh: Yeah I is special in India but here most of the time I doubt anybody remembers:-P.

  35. I NEVER miss Nigella if I can help it. We get Discovery Travel and Living too! What about Kylie Kwong? She's just awesome as well. And my dream job was to be a librarian too! :O)

  36. Blue jeans and white shirt, same here :-)

  37. Shades of Grey: Haven't watched Kylie Kwong......she's good huh. will keep a lookout for her, thanks:-))!!!!

    Agnes: We'll form a club:-D

  38. Deal! Though I am right handed. :-)

    Nancy, I reposted my India trip especially for you (seriously). I might take it down after you're done reading simply because it looks kind of tacky (I did my best to recover it). Take your time.

  39. Hi!!! Ok, first off, I haven't changed my surname either for similar reasons, though I would like to add on hubby's surname someday (but still highly traumatized after the last encounter with the passport office where we added each other's names in the 'spouse' section!)

    And I love Nigella Lawson!!!! Everyone else in my family hates her .... they can't stand her flirting with the camera, but I look beyond that to the soul of the passionate foodie :) Can't afford to cook as richly as she does, but (sigh) it does warm the heart to see it :)

  40. Agnes: Thank U so much....and I've already read was lovely, enjoyed it thoroughly & commented too:-D

    Shalom: LOL abt the traumatized bit....but seriously I can understand. They make even drinking a glass of water a big formality with attestation & stuff:-S.
    I too agree with ur family abt Nigella Lawson but somehow I end up watching the whole show:-P mainly bcoz the kids are in love with her;-P

  41. Aww such a cute post.. happened to read it now :(

    1. Thanks....I like my old posts too, reminds me tht I used to post a lot of memories but nowadays I can't even remember;-(


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